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SynaCompare, OmniViz v3.8, Comparative Toxicogenomics Database, Bio-Linux 4.0, FrantCyc, International Protein Index, dbSNP build 124


Synamatix said last week that it has released an upgraded version of SynaCompare, its application for high-throughput multi genome-genome comparisons. The company said that the upgrade will enable “exhaustive comparison,” such as human chromosome 1 vs. all chromosomes in the human genome, “in a matter of minutes.”

OmniViz has released OmniViz v3.8, the company said last week. The latest version of the company’s software offers improved flexibility in the thematic analysis of text documents, support for financial data, new user-customization features, and other improvements. It also includes OmniViz Viewer, which allows users to review analyses done by others, and can serve as a reporting function for colleagues who do not need the full analytical functionality of the complete package.

The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory has released a prototype of the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) at According to its developers, CTD is the first database to provide centralized, integrated, and curated molecular and toxicology data from diverse organisms, including human, mouse, rat, fruitfly, nematode, and zebrafish.

The UK’s Environmental Genomics Thematic Program Data Center has released Bio-Linux 4.0, a Debian-based bioinformatics workstation, at

SRI’s Bioinformatics Research Group has released FrantCyc, a new pathway/genome database for Franciscella tularensis, at This database was produced as part of the project that produced the complete genome sequenced of Franciscella.

The European Bioinformatics Institute has released an updated version of the International Protein Index database at The database, compiled from Swiss-Prot, Trembl, RefSeq, and Ensembl, contains 47,730 entries for human, 42,469 for mouse, and 34,754 for rat.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has released dbSNP build 124 at in multiple formats, the center said last week. The International HapMap Project’s genotype data is now available with dbSNP build 124’s sync to the December release of HapMap genotype frequency data. All genotype data for the HapMap project will now be available for public redistribution at both the HapMap and dbSNP FTP sites.

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