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SRS Gateway for Oracle, SilicoCyte, GeneSifter.Net., BioBrew, eGOn


Lion Bioscience has released the SRS Gateway for Oracle, which allows users to access the SRS engine and associated databases from Oracle using SQL or from any Oracle application. The gateway permits the integration of flat file and relational databases, and is available immediately for SRS 7.1. It supports Oracle 9i Database Release 2 and subsequent versions, including Oracle 10g.

CytoGenomics has launched version 1.3 of SilicoCyte, a gene expression analysis platform. New features include principal component analysis, self-organizing maps, and Venn analysis. The commercial rate for the software is $5,000, and the academic rate is $999. A trial version is available for evaluation at

VizX Labs has released version 2004.1 of GeneSifter.Net. The new version includes several Affymetrix-related upgrades, such as the robust multi-array average (RMA) probe-level analysis method and improved methods for CEL file uploads. In addition, the release includes a GO report using z-score statistics to find particular families of genes, MIAME-compliant protocols, and statistical analysis techniques.

Version 1.0 of BioBrew, an open source Linux cluster package based on the NPACI Rocks cluster distribution and enhanced for bioinformatics, is available for the x86 architecture at BioBrew includes the NCBI toolkit, Blast, mpiBlast, Hmmer, ClustalW, Gromacs, Phylip, Wise, Fasta, and EMBOSS.

Version 1.0 of eGOn (explore Gene Ontology), a tool that uses GO to analyze genes selected from high-throughput analysis, is available from the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology at The software enables users to visualize gene annotations in an editable GO hierarchical structure.

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