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SRS 7.1., ArrayVision, DecisionSite, Advantage Chemogenomics, iNquiry, MetaCore, True Discovery, BioPerl, UCSC Genome Browser, Ensembl 12, MASS


Lion Bioscience has released SRS 7.1. The new version includes an improved user interface, a new Visual Administration tool, and enhanced versions of the SRS Prisma and SRS Relational modules.


Imaging Research has released version 8.0 of its ArrayVision software for the analysis of gene and protein arrays. ArrayVision 8.0 offers expanded protein analysis capabilities, the company said.


Spotfire has released a new configuration for its DecisionSite platform called Advantage Chemogenomics. The platform integrates gene expression, chemical structure, clinical chemistry, and pathology data, providing researchers with a way to recognize compounds with similar gene expression signatures.


BioTeam is now offering BioTeam iNquiry, a pre-packaged biocluster service that includes the Sun Grid Engine distributed resource management system; several open-source informatics applications; a modified version of the Pise web-based bioinformatics interface; and a set of open source cluster administration and monitoring tools. BioTeam iNquiry is installed on a collection of Apple Xserves.


GeneGo has launched MetaCore, a computational platform that combines analytical tools, content, and algorithms for analyzing biological pathways. Gene expression analysis is offered as a “standard” feature, and customers can choose to add optional parsers for proteomic or metabolomic data.


Enodar Biologic has launched its True Discovery genomic data analysis services, a combination of processes, methods, and patent-pending tools licensed from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that the company uses to identify predictive biomarker targets from genomic, proteomic, and SNP data sets.


The 1.2.1 release of BioPerl, which contains several bug fixes and minor changes, is available at


An updated rat assembly, version 2.1, is now available from the UCSC Genome Browser at ftp://genome.ucscedu/goldenPath/rnJan2003/. The update corrects duplications that were in the previous version.


Ensembl 12 is now available at Rat QTL and SNP data for human and mosquito have been updated.


MASS (Multiple Alignment by Secondary Structures), an application for multiple structural protein alignment, is available from Tel Aviv University at


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