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SRA, Mitrionics, Nallatech, Waters, Proteome Software

SRA Receives $26.3M Contract for NIEHS Bioinformatics Project
Fairfax, Va.-based SRA International said this week that it has received a task order from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, NC, potentially worth $26.3 million, if all options under the contract are exercised.
The 3.5-year order, which is part of a contract awarded in May under the NIEHS CIO-SP2i Contract, calls for SRA to provide the institute with enterprise-wide information technology support services. Specifically, SRA will provide IT infrastructure operations, applications development, and bioinformatics systems support for NIEHS, including IT security, scientific IT and software applications support.
SRA will primarily work on this project from its office in Durham, NC.
Further terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Mitrionics and Nallatech Join Intel’s Quick Assist Technology Community
Mitrionics of Lund, Sweden, and Nallatech of Eldersbug, Md., said this week that they have joined of Intel’s Quick Assist Technology Community, a group of hardware and software vendors that help users deploy accelerators on platforms based on Intel platforms.
Mitrionics and Nallatech co-market the PCI Express Field Programmable Gate Array Accelerator Kit, which is targeting customers seeking to accelerate applications in bioinformatics, defense, and high performance computing.
The Kit includes an 8-lane PCI Express card with a Xilinx FPGA that is coupled to multiple independent banks of SDRAM and SRAM.

Waters to Integrate Proteomics Instruments with Proteome Software's Scaffold
Waters said last week that it is collaborating with Proteome Software to make data from its proteomics instruments compatible with Proteome Software’s informatics offerings.
Under the agreement, researchers using Waters’ IdentityE High Definition Proteomics System will be able to view their results on Proteome Software’s Scaffold 2.1 visualization software.
The integrated software should be available in the fourth quarter of 2008, Waters said.
Waters’ IdentityE system includes the company’s NanoAcquity UPLC system, its Synapt High-Definition MS System or Q-Tof Premier mass spectrometer, data-acquisition and mass resolution tools, and the ProteinLynx GlobalServer software.

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The Scan

Just Breathing

A new analysis suggests that most Mycobacterium tuberculosis is spread by aerosols from breathing, rather than by coughing, the New York Times reports.

Just Like This One

NPR reports that the World Health Organization has hired a South African biotech company to recreate mRNA vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 that is similar to the one developed by Moderna.

Slow Start

The Wall Street Journal reports that Biogen's Alzheimer's disease treatment had revenues for July through September that totaled $300,000.

Genome Research Papers on Cancer Chromatin, Splicing in the Thymus, Circular RNAs in Cancer

In Genome Research this week: analysis of bivalent chromatin sites, RBFOX splicing factors' role in thymic epithelial cells, and more.