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SmallPond to Provide Profile Matching Software for Bermuda's National DNA Database

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – SmallPond, a Fishers, Indiana-based developer of web-based DNA profile-matching technology, is collaborating with Strand Analytical Laboratories and Helix Genetic and Scientific Solutions to provide DNA testing and DNA matching tools to the police force in Bermuda.

The combined solution will provide investigating officers with expert DNA analysis services that will help them generate new investigative leads, according to the partners. The collaboration will also enable Bermuda to establish a national DNA database based on Small Pond's software, according to the company.

SmallPond's DNA profile-matching technology provides resources that help law enforcement and government agencies maintain databases of STR DNA profile information and match new samples to existing information. When users upload profiles to the system, it automatically compares them to reference samples from known individuals and with evidentiary samples from other cases. Users can also add detailed information about the cases that are associated with the samples that are being analyzed within the system.

Additionally, SmallPond offers tools that let agencies grant third-party access to their internal DNA profile databases if they choose to, according to the company.

Indianapolis-based Strand Analytical Laboratories is a private forensic crime lab that assists larger public crime labs with overflow casework. Helix is a private forensic lab based in Bermuda that provides local law enforcement with customized forensic services including DNA analysis, toxicology, and evidence handling and collection at crime scenes. Under the terms of the agreement, both labs will provide DNA analysis services to the Bermuda police as well as expertise in evaluating the matches that are generated by SmallPond's software, the partners said. They will also be able to contribute DNA profiles that they generate as part of police investigations to the national database.

"Timely and accurate DNA lab services coupled with a robust DNA databasing tool are essential crime-fighting tools that will be indispensable in making Bermuda a safe place to live and work," James Howard, superintendent of the Bermuda Police Service, said in a statement.

Financial and other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.