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SDMS, Sorcerer s Shield, FieldTemplater, Retriever 3.0, Isentris 1.4, CCP4, Martin Wells, Ivan Labat


Downloads & Upgrades

Waters has begun shipping version 7.0 of the NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS). The new version enables scientists to convert proprietary data from any analytical technique into the JCAMP-DX standard, the company said. The system also enables single-user authentication and includes enhanced electronic signature capabilities. SDMS 7.0 also includes an expanded software development kit and on-line documentation to assist in the development of Microsoft .Net applications.

Sage-N Research has released a new subscription program for new and existing customers of its Sorcerer Protein Identification appliance. The service, called Sorcerer's Shield, provides continuous system availability in the event of a failure, and offers automated software updating. The program can be renewed on a yearly basis for up to five years. The current price of the service is $5,500 per year.

Cresset BioMolecular Discovery has launched FieldTemplater, software for identifying the three-dimensional bound conformation of hits and potential drugs in a biological target. The software allows users to develop a model of the bound conformation of active molecules by comparing the molecular fields of compounds known to bind to the same biological target. FieldTemplater can be used to derive a bound conformation hypotheses to compare and contrast inter-series structure-activity relationships and support lead optimization studies, the company said. The method does not require an x-ray structure of the target.

Thermo Electron has released Retriever 3.0, a web-based software tool for extracting data from heterogeneous laboratory systems. Retriever users do not require access to the original system from which the data is extracted, the company said.

Elsevier MDL has released Isentris 1.4, which provides enhanced ability to collate and manage data within scientific workflows. New features include simplified data access, reusable workflows, improved workflows, and the capability to enrich data from third-party sources.

A release candidate for CCP4 version 6.0 is available at The latest version of the CCP4 suite of programs for macromolecular crystallography includes several new packages, including ccp4mg, coot, phaser, cctbx, bp3, crank, pirate, chainsaw, superpose, and chooch.

Insilicos has released version 1.4 of its free mass spectrometry proteomics viewer at The new version is "significantly" faster than version 1.3, and can read files in the new mzData format, the company said.

Brookhaven National Laboratory has launched a web-based 3D digital atlas of the brain of the C57BL/6J laboratory mouse at The database was created with high-resolution magnetic resonance microscopy at the University of Florida in collaboration with researchers from Brookhaven Center for Translational Neuroimaging. The work was done in parallel with the Mouse Phenome Database project, which was created to establish a collection of baseline phenotypic data from commonly used inbred mice. The atlas includes 3D anatomical data from 10 adult male mice.

The International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology has released an updated version of its database of GPCRs, ion channels, and nuclear hormone receptors at The database includes 10 new receptor families, updates for seven receptor families, links to PubChem and Entrez gene, and support for heterodimers.

People in the News

Nonlinear Dynamics has appointed Martin Wells as international sales manager. Martin joins Nonlinear from Helena BioSciences, where he held several senior sales and marketing positions. At Nonlinear, Martin will be responsible for the management of group sales activities throughout Europe, including telesales and direct sales channels. The appointment follows three new hires that the company announced last week. [BioInform 11-28-05].

Ivan Labat has joined Genesis Bioventures, a biomedical development firm, to manage its information systems and provide bioinformatics analysis capabilities to Biomedical Diagnostics, GBI's breast cancer diagnostic portfolio company. Labat was a founder and vice president of corporate development of Hyseq (now Nuvelo), where he designed and implemented the company's information systems infrastructure.

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The Scan

Octopus Brain Complexity Linked to MicroRNA Expansions

Investigators saw microRNA gene expansions coinciding with complex brains when they analyzed certain cephalopod transcriptomes, as they report in Science Advances.

Study Tracks Outcomes in Children Born to Zika Virus-Infected Mothers

By following pregnancy outcomes for women with RT-PCR-confirmed Zika virus infections, researchers saw in Lancet Regional Health congenital abnormalities in roughly one-third of live-born children.

Team Presents Benchmark Study of RNA Classification Tools

With more than 135 transcriptomic datasets, researchers tested two dozen coding and non-coding RNA classification tools, establishing a set of potentially misclassified transcripts, as they report in Nucleic Acids Research.

Breast Cancer Risk Related to Pathogenic BRCA1 Mutation May Be Modified by Repeats

Several variable number tandem repeats appear to impact breast cancer risk and age at diagnosis in almost 350 individuals carrying a risky Ashkenazi Jewish BRCA1 founder mutation.