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SAS Scientific Discovery Solutions, BioModels, S+ArrayAnalyzer 2.1, Affymetrix Microarray Suite v5, wEMBOSS 1.4.0, wrappers4EMBOSS 1.2, LimsLink for OpenLab, Ensembl, VAMP


SAS has released several additions to its SAS Scientific Discovery Solutions suite of analysis tools. The suite includes improvements to the current components: SAS Research Data Management, a centralized data repository, and SAS Microarray, a gene-expression analysis package. New additions include SAS Genetic Marker, which enables researchers to characterize genetic variability and evaluate its association with drug response and adverse events, and SAS Proteomics, which provides statistically based analyses to identify protein biomarkers and establish their validity as key molecular indicators for biological conditions such as disease status or drug impact.

The European Bioinformatics Institute and the Systems Biology Markup Language project have launched BioModels, a repository for quantitative models of biological systems, at Other contributors include the Keck Graduate Institute, Japan's Systems Biology Institute, and South Africa's Stellenbosch University. The resource allows biologists to store, search, and retrieve published mathematical models. The models in the database are annotated and linked to relevant data resources, such as publications, databases of compounds and pathways, and controlled vocabularies.

Concurrent with the launch of S-Plus 7, the latest release of its statistical analysis platform, Insightful has released S+ArrayAnalyzer 2.1, microarray analysis software designed to work with scalability improvements in S-Plus 7. S+ArrayAnalyzer provides software workflows for data access, QC data diagnostics, probe-level analysis, normalization, statistical modeling for differential expression and class discovery/prediction, and annotated graphical and tabular reporting. The new version scales to handle large numbers of high-throughput arrays, such as Affymetrix's HGU133 Plus 2.0, and similarly sized arrays from other vendors. The software is also integrated with Spotfire DecisionSite 8.1.

Affymetrix has released the source code for its Affymetrix Microarray Suite v5 statistical algorithm under the GNU GPL license at

The wEMBOSS project, which is developing a web interface for the EMBOSS package, has released wEMBOSS 1.4.0 and wrappers4EMBOSS 1.2 at Changes in wEMBOSS include improvements of the ACD parser and support for the Opera browser, and changes in wrappers4EMBOSS include compatibility for EMBOSS 2.8, 2.9, and 2.10, and minor ACD enhancements.

Scientific Software and Labtronics have jointly released LimsLink for OpenLab, a connectivity module lets users integrate third-party LIMS systems with Scientific Software's OpenLab framework. According to the companies, more than 30 different commercial LIMS systems can be integrated into the OpenLab framework.

Ensembl has released a honeybee pre-site at The site provides early access to Ensembl annotations based on release 2.0 of the honeybee genome assembly.

The Bioinformatics Unit of the Institut Curie in Paris has released a demo version of VAMP, a java graphical interface for visualization and analysis of CGH array, transcriptome, and other molecular profiles, at The demo can be run with several public CGH and transcriptome array data sets.

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