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Boehringer Ingelheim Signs Four-year Agreement with Ingenuity Systems
Boehringer Ingelheim has reached a multi-year global access agreement with Ingenuity Systems to use its latest release of Pathway Analysis software IPA 6, which according to a statement includes new biological and chemical content, in addition to Path Designer software tools.
The companies announced Boehringer Ingelheim will use the tools throughout its research and development organization “to unlock novel insights from experimental data and as a general tool for biological search and exploration,” but declined to offer details. No financial information about the agreement was made available.

Roche NimbleGen, BioDiscovery Form Alliance for CGH Microarrays, Software, Services
Roche NimbleGen, which is part of Roche Applied Science, announced an alliance with BioDiscovery to “provide complete data analysis solutions” for customers using NimbleGen arrays for CGH analysis, Roche NimbleGen said in a statement . 
As part of the alliance the companies will co-promote and co-market their products and services and also present whole-genome CGH analysis data to the scientific community generated with the combination of Roche NimbleGen’s new high density 2.1 million probe (HD2) arrays with BioDiscovery’s software Nexus Copy Number.

Pfizer Licenses Ariadne’s Pathway Studio Enterprise
Pfizer has bought a multi-site license for Ariadne’s Pathway Studio Enterprise. According to a statement Pfizer is going to use the software “to assemble reference networks of biological interactions from internal and public data sources for interpretation of experimental results throughout its research facilities.”
Some of the functionalities of the software package include the ability to import and analyze microarray and proteomics data, the Ariadne ResNet database, a collection of interaction data retrieved by MedScan technology from PubMed and open-text journals.
Pfizer also purchased a copy of the Prolexys Human Interaction Database, a proprietary source of human protein interactions built by Prolexys, Inc. using Y2H technology and repackaged for Pathway Studio.
“Pathway Studio provides Pfizer researchers with easy access to publicly available scientific information, and a way to integrate our proprietary data along with third party high-confidence data such as the Human Interaction Database from Prolexys.” Giles Day, senior director of target and mechanism informatics at Pfizer, said in a statement. “We can also integrate Pathway Studio with in-house tools to assemble targeted data sets for research in specific disease, biomarker, and drug related topics,”
No financial details were released.

GlaxoSmithKline Pens Licensing Agreement with Compendia Bioscience
GlaxoSmithKline has signed a two-year licensing agreement for Compendia Bioscience’s for Oncomine Enterprise Edition, which is an extension of Oncomine, which is a curated collection of 26,000 gene expression and DNA copy profiles.
According to a statement, Oncomine Enterprise Edition allows companies to securely view proprietary gene expression data in comparison with existing public data already available in Oncomine.
Financial terms of the agreement were not released.

Johns Hopkins University Licenses Collexis Expert Profiling System
Johns Hopkins University has chosen Collexis Expertise Profiling System for its medical community after completing a pilot project with the tool.
The Collexis system creates updated profiles of university researchers based on their publications, grants, or other work.
This agreement will lead to the creation of a clinical translational research platform for the university's more than 2,800 medical researchers to connect and share their expertise via an updating web interface.
According to a release, the Collexis platform was previously adopted across the National Institutes of Health.
The agreement represents an expansion of Collexis 18-month relationship with Johns Hopkins University, and will include all researchers from the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health.
Collexis will use its proprietary Fingerprinting process to search text for ideas and concepts rather than keywords and create so-called Collexis Fingerprints or conceptual maps. Expert profiles will be generated using the Collexis fingerprints of the researchers' publications from a variety of sources. Profiles can then be viewed and searched by all researchers.

Merck extends Agreement with GeneGo
Merck has extended an existing agreement with GeneGo, which gives the pharmaceutical firm access to GeneGo's content through MetaBase, including MetaCore and MetaDrug content and GeneGo's internal database of disease biomarkers.
"Effective use of powerful systems biology data mining & analysis solutions have become an essential component of modern day drug discovery and development," said Julie Bryant, GeneGo’s vice president of business development.

Applied Biosystems/MDS Analytical Technologies and PREMIER Biosoft Collaborate in Glycomics
Applied Biosystems and PREMIER Biosoft International will be joining forces to deliver solutions for glycobiology research.
According to a statement, to offer integrated workflows to glycomics researchers, ABI/MDS Analytical Technologies will co-market and resell PREMIER Biosoft's SimGlycan, a high throughput glycan mass finger-printing tool, for use with ABI/MDS Analytical Technologies' mass spectrometers. SimGlycan is a data analysis tool that predicts glycan structure using MS/MS data acquired by mass spectrometry.
"Protein glycosylation is one of the most common types of post-translational modifications," said Lydia Nuwaysir, senior product manager at ABI in a statement. "Full characterization is particularly important for biopharmaceuticals because, ultimately, the type and extent of glycosylation can affect protein structure and activity. Combining PREMIER Biosoft's product with our instruments will allow the glycomics research community to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of the 4800, QTRAP and QSTAR systems for glycostructure analysis."

STARLIMS Distributes Cash Dividend
STARLIMS said in a statement that it will be distributing a cash dividend in the amount of NIS1.15 new Israeli shekels [US$0.35] per share and the aggregate amount of approximately NIS10.0 million, which is the equivalent of approximately per share and approximately US$3.1 million in the aggregate. The dividend is payable June 30, 2008 to all of the Company's shareholders of record at the close of the NASDAQ Global Market on June 13, 2008.

Nonlinear Dynamics Will Distribute GeneBio’s Phenyx Mass Spec Software
Nonlinear Dynamics said that it will distribute Geneva Bioinformatics’ Phenyx software under a worldwide agreement.
The proteomics software specialty company will distribute GeneBio’s Phenyx mass spectrometry identification software as a stand-alone product and alongside its Progenesis LC-MS software for label-free quantitative analysis, Newcastle, UK-based Nonlinear Dynamics said.

Bio-informatics Society of Pakistan
The Bio-informatics Society of Pakistan has been established at Punjab University's School of Biological Sciences in Lahore. Its mission, according to a statement, is to raise awareness about recent developments in bioinformatics and promoting this newly emerging field in Pakistan.

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