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Proteome BioKnowledge Library, Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, Informatics Benchmarking Toolkit, S-Plus, Altix 350, EmbossRunner 1.1.1, wEmboss, UCSC Genome Browser


Incyte is offering free access to diabetes-related data in its Proteome BioKnowledge Library during January as part of its monthly Disease Spotlight program, which has been extended to August 2004. The Diabetes Disease Spotlight provides 25 protein reports related to diabetes with curated annotations based on relevant publications. The data is available at

Ingenuity has added new features to the Ingenuity Pathways Analysis application, including the assignment of biological functions to generated networks, overlays of metabolic and signaling pathways on generated networks, navigation between networks, increased content, and updated gene and protein dataset mapping, including two new Affymetrix microarrays. A free trial is available at

The BioTeam has released the Informatics Benchmarking Toolkit (IBT), a benchmarking framework for informatics applications, at IBT was developed for Advanced Micro Devices, but the company has agreed to make the system freely available under the terms of the AMD Public License. Default tests include NCBI-Blast, Blat, Hmmer, and Gromacs. The system saves benchmark results and runtime data in a browsable scalar vector graphics document, and results can be published on the BioTeam IBT website.

Insightful has released two new products for the life sciences research community: S-Plus Validation Solution and S-Plus Clinical Reporting Solution. The Clinical Reporting Solution includes customizable reports for pre-clinical and clinical studies, and the Validation Solution is a process for testing installation, operation, security, functionality, and performance of S-Plus software at customer sites.

SGI has launched the Altix 350, a new midrange Intel Itanium 2 and 64-bit Linux-based server. The system, built specifically for the technical computing market, starts at $12,199. A four-processor configuration starts at a list price of $21,599.

Mahidol University of Bangkok, Thailand, has released EmbossRunner 1.1.1, an interface for Emboss 2.8 on Mac OS X, at

Argentina’s Universidad Nacional de la Plata has released wEmboss, a web interface for Emboss written in Perl, at Features include private workspaces for each user, online help, a keyword search for programs and documentation, and an administrator feature to exclude certain Emboss programs.

The UCSC Genome Browser has added Saccharomyces cerevisiae to its list of genome assemblies, at

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