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Pipeline Pilot, ArrayVision, OmniViz, NCI Thesaurus, PRODRG2, pig EST database, Nucleic Acid Database


SciTegic has released version 3.0 of its Pipeline Pilot data pipelining software. The new release includes an improved administrator console to control for all the jobs executing on a Pipeline Pilot server.


Imaging Research has launched version 8.0 of its ArrayVision software for the analysis of DNA and protein arrays. The new version offers improved protein analysis capabilities, according to the company, as well as background subtraction options, new weighting functions, flexible graphing tools, and a new GUI design. The company also released version 7.0 of its MCID Analysis image analysis software.


OmniViz version 3.6 is now available from the Maynard, Mass.-based visualization software firm of the same name. The company said the new release offers improved text analysis, chemical fingerprint generation, and clustering algorithms.


The National Cancer Institute’s Center for Bioinformatics has released two machine-accessible vocabulary products: NCI Metathesaurus ( and NCI Thesaurus (http://nciterms. NCI Metathesaurus currently contains about 2.2 million terms and phrases mapped to around 800,000 concepts and is based on the National Library of Medicine’s UMLS Metathesaurus. The NCI Thesaurus is smaller, and focused on cancer science. A public API is also available for the Metathesaurus server via the caCORE 1.1 release at http://ncicb.


An updated version of PRODRG2, a web-based service for the generation of small-molecule topologies and coordinates for use with X-ray refinement, molecular modeling, and docking and simulation programs, is available from the Wellcome Trust Biocenter at the University of Dundee at http://davapc1.bioch.


Iowa State University has released an updated version of its pig EST database at The database contains 21,499 pig gene sequences with 727 genes mapped on pig chromosomes.


An updated version of the NDB (Nucleic Acid Database) is available at Improvements include a revised atlas of nucleic-acid-containing structures, a new database for X-ray and NMR structures, and a new search engine.

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