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Philips Inks Precision Oncology Agreements With WMCHealth, N-of-One

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Philips announced two partnerships today that will see its IntelliSpace Genomics solution used to personalize cancer treatments, and will lead to improvements in the features and functionalities of the software.

Philips' IntelliSpace product is a scalable health informatics solution for integrating high-throughput genomic information with full patient clinical context including treatment history and lab results, to help clinicians diagnose disease and select appropriate treatments. The solution can be configured to define new workflows, create new pipelines, or integrate new sources of data as required. It also offers full traceability of data and cases which enables reproducibility and audit of interpretations and results. 

The first of the two new partnerships is with the Westchester Medical Center Health Network, WMCHealth, a healthcare provider in New York's Hudson Valley. WMCHealth will use IntelliSpace to combine next-generation sequence and clinical data to offer more tailored treatments for patients. It is part of a newly-minted precision medicine initiative launched by WMCHealth that will be available to 15 hospitals and oncology practices in the New York Metro area and Hudson Valley.

According to John Fallon, director of WMCHealth's clinical pathology department and chairman of pathology at the New York Medical College, the Philips solution provides a "foundation" for matching tumors to treatments for example, to ensure the best possible outcome. "Our new precision medicine platform for oncology is designed to leverage all available sources of critical information to help make the most informed decisions about each patient's care," he said in a statement, adding that IntelliSpace "is a powerful tool to help improve outcomes."

Philips also said today that it will work with clinical interpretation services provider N-of-One to enhance the capabilities of the Intellispace Genomics solution. Specifically, the companies will collaborate on clinical analysis, annotation, and interpretation of oncology cases that are processed through Philips' new precision medicine solution for oncology. Under the terms of the agreement, clinicians using IntelliSpace will have full access to N-of-One's knowledgebases database during the case filtering and interpretation processes. Through this arrangement clinicians will have access to available reference literature, guidelines, and other evidence that will help them select treatments or clinical trials that are best suited for each case.

"By integrating their information directly on our IntelliSpace Genomics solution, we aim to reduce the turn-around time for these cancer cases," Philips Genomics General Manager Louis Culot said in a statement. "Providing specialists with the most relevant treatment options through the analysis of each patient's unique molecular profile will help extend the reach and scale of personalized medicine."