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Pangea Strengthens Bioinformatics Abilities; Co. Standardizes Tools


OAKLAND, Calif.--Pangea Systems here has announced new staff and board appointments that it says will strengthen its informatics capabilities. In addition, the bioinformatics company will bring its analysis tools into compliance with standards set by the Genetic Analysis Technology Consortium (GATC).

Pangea appointed Monte Zweben, former vice-president and general manager of PeopleSoft, to its board, and named James Aufdemberge to the position of senior vice-president of sales and customer service. Zweben was the former chairman and CEO of Red Pepper Software, a supplier of supply chain optimization client/server applications. He merged the company with PeopleSoft in 1996. "As the field of bioinformatics advances a new wave of drug discovery, informatics technology is becoming increasingly important,'' commented John Couch, Pangea's CEO. "Monte's experience in solving complex business problems which require industrial strength software is without equal. His impressive track record broadens the scope of Pangea's capabilities and immediately brings high value to an organization committed to the emerging field of bioinformatics."

Aufdemberge was senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Information Management Associates, a customer interaction software firm.

In addition to the management appointments, Pangea announced that it will bring its technology into conformity with standards set by the GATC, which was created by Affymetrix and Molecular Dynamics to define a unified technology platform to design, process, read, and analyze DNA arrays. As a result, Pangea's data and application programming interface will be compatible with those of any other vendor that complies with the standard. "Integration has been a key barrier in array-based discovery. If everyone could integrate all of their array-based data with other biological databases and be able to analyze it in one place, it would revolutionize array-based discoveries,'' commented Joel Bellenson, Pangea's founder and chief strategist.

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