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OpenMMS Toolkit, GenePlus, HGVbase, ProtComp


The Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics has released an alpha version of the OpenMMS (Open Macromolecular Structure) Toolkit to allow researchers to use the Protein Data Bank more efficiently with the CORBA standard.

The OpenMMS Toolkit contains programs for parsing data stored in the standard Macromolecular Crystallographic Information File (mmCIF) format, as well as software for loading mmCIF data files into a relational database, translating the data into an XML-formatted file, and running a CORBA server to deliver binary MMS data directly over a network connection to local or remote applications.

The software is available from the OpenMMS homepage:


Lue Ping Zhao of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center has recently developed a microarray analysis software package called GenePlus. The software uses inference-driven statistical methods. A demo version is available from


The HGBASE polymorphism database has been renamed HGVbase (Human Genome Variation database). The name change reflects a new role for the database as a central depository for mutation collection efforts undertaken in allegiance with the Human Genome Variation Society. HGVbase is also hosted at a new URL:


Softberry of White Plains, NY, has released version 4 of its ProtComp program for predicting protein sub-cellular localization. The new version includes recognition of GPI-anchor sites and is available at


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