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October s Software, Database, and IT Deals

October's Software, Database, and IT Deals
  Company Product Licensees
Software Eidogen-Sertanty Target Informatics Platform, EVE KAI Pharmaceuticals
Genomatix Genomatix Suite, ChipInspector National Cancer Institute (extension of existing agreement)
Ingenuity Systems Ingenuity Pathways Analysis 3.0 Wyeth (expansion of existing agreement), Schering-Plough Research Institute, Genizon BioSciences
Inpharmatica Admensa Interactive Mochida
Biopendium, Chematica Schering
OmniViz OmniViz software Erasmus University Medical Center
Rescentris CERF (Collaborative Electronic Research Framework) Undisclosed pharmaceutical firm
Spotfire DecisionSite Erasmus University Medical Center
Databases Aureus Pharma AurScope GPCR database Euroscreen
Oxford Genome Sciences OGAP (Oxford Genome Anatomy Project) database UCB
Prolexys Human Interactome GlaxoSmithKline
IT Infrastructure Force10 Networks Force10 Terascale E-Series networking system Balyor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center
Hewlett-Packard Itanium 2-based HP Integrity rx4640 cluster server with 64 GB of RAM Malaysian Genomics Resource Center
SGI 256-processor Altix 3700 running Linux, 50 TB SGI InfiniteStorage Total Performance 9700 RAID storage array, conversion of existing 64-processor Altix server to 64-processor Silicon Graphics Prism, SGI Reality Center National Cancer Institute's Advanced Biomedical Computing Center
16-processor Altix 350 with 32 GB of memory running Linux, 16-processor Origin 3800 running Irix Organon International

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