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NetGenics Expands IBM DiscoveryLink Deal, Readies DiscoveryCenter for Market Launch


IBM and NetGenics have expanded their partnership to include an agreement for NetGenics to resell IBM’s DiscoveryLink.

Beth Kleinhenz, vice president of component development at NetGenics, said the expanded agreement is “the next logical step” in a collaboration that began in 1999.

Kleinhenz said that NetGenics has been working actively with IBM to develop a deployment methodology for DiscoveryLink, which was still in prototype form when the partnership began.

In addition to the full reseller’s agreement, which gives NetGenics nonexclusive redistribution rights to the DiscoveryLink software, the expanded partnership also permits NetGenics to integrate DiscoveryLink into its upcoming DiscoveryCenter data management product.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Kleinhenz said that the DiscoveryLink data integration middleware would be one of the key technologies used in DiscoveryCenter, but would not be a necessary component. She described DiscoveryCenter as a combination of software and services that is tailored to the individual needs of its users.

“DiscoveryCenter is going to utilize whatever the most appropriate technology is for the problem that we’re trying to solve,” Kleinhenz said. “We clearly think that DiscoveryLink is going to be involved quite often in that and it’s for that reason that we decided to get into a reseller’s agreement with IBM.”

NetGenics will also be able to sell DiscoveryLink independently under the partnership.

DiscoveryCenter is currently being beta tested at a number of sites.

DiscoveryCenter will comprise a broad range of NetGenics’ components as well as third-party tools and publicly available software that can be put together in a customized configuration to match a customer’s needs.

“What we’ve really tried to do is build the core components that are most important for enabling us to bring together the key resources each of our customers needs. The part that NetGenics builds is really aimed at best utilizing all the other resources that our customers have available,” Kleinhenz said.

NetGenics is positioning DiscoveryCenter as its flagship product as it focuses its efforts on bringing a successful product to market following the layoff of one-third of its staff in January.

“This is an evolution from a lot of the work that we’ve done in the past,” said Kleinhenz.

The company is now making strategic hires, Kleinhenz said. “We’re letting our financial position and our customer needs dictate where hiring takes place.”

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