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NetGenics and Genomics Collaborative to JointlyDevelopGenotypicDataMart


NetGenics is partnering with Genomics Collaborative (GCI) on the development of a genotypic DataMart, the third addition to NetGenics’ suite of DataMart data warehousing products.

The genotypic DataMart will join NetGenics’ sequencing and gene expression DataMarts and will be used to mine annotated, genotypic data derived from GCI’s repository of human genetic samples.

NetGenics is providing the underlying data structure, which integrates data into a central repository, enforces semantic consistency, and links it with data from other sources. This permits direct queries of high volumes of disparate data for rapid decision support and data mining, the company said.

NetGenics is supporting GCI’s development of customized software to feed its repository of genotypic data into the DataMart. GCI will develop its own data mining and analysis tools to use with the system.

While the software developed through the effort will be proprietary to GCI, the genotypic DataMart will be commercially available upon completion of the three-month project.

NetGenics would work with future customers on customized software to import their data into the genotypic DataMart.

Further terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“What we have is the data, the information, and some analysis tools that we’ve built ourselves to do this analysis, “ said Brent Richter, director of bioinformatics at GCI. “We’re looking for a data structure to put it all together and use our tools.”

Richter noted that the DataMart works at the database level, “which is far more efficient” than technologies that work at the application level.

According to NetGenics, application-level approaches do not easily support automated mining and On-Line Analytical Processing, a model for fast analytical processing of multidimensional databases.

GCI maintains a vast repository of clinical information derived from DNA, tissue, and serum samples that it collects around the world. The DataMart will be used to analyze and mine the depository of data it has collected from large-scale genotyping projects and then link it with this clinical data.

“Our mission is to find the genetic determinants associated with common diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, and prostate cancer,” Richter said.

Richter noted that the genotyping application is the first step in a process that will eventually include gene expression and protein analysis.

He said that it was “yet to be determined” who, if anyone, GCI would partner with on future efforts to link in gene expression and proteomics data.

— Bernadette Toner

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