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National Center for Genome Resources, PerkinElmer, Waters


The National Center for Genome Resources has released PathDB Software, version 2.0. The software, which is both a data repository and a system for building and visualizing cellular networks, has increased data modeling and data acquisition capabilities in this new version, according to NCGR. Version 2.0 also supplants a metabolism-oriented model with a flexible model that can represent all types of cellular function, including gene regulation, protein-protein interactions, signal cascades, and protein-small molecule binding data. The version is integrated with NCGR’s ISIS integration platform, enabling users to navigate between PathDB and other genomic tools, NCGR said. PathDB v. 2.0 also introduces improved graphic features, and increased query speed. It can be downloaded from NCGR’s web site at The tool is free for non-commercial users, and commercial users can download a free trial for 60 days.

GeneData of Basel, Switzerland, has released PathoLead, a bioinformatics integration platform designed for genomics-based anti-infectives research. This software combines genome, expression, and phenotype data, and is designed for identification of drug targets and assays focused on targets and cells — specifically, automated mechanism-of-action studies of small molecule inhibitors. It allows concurrent genome analysis. This is a specialized edition of its GeneData Phylosopher enterprise system.

PerkinElmer has rolled out its newest microarray informatics product, the new Integrated Microarray Laboratory. The system is designed to automate data management, from spotters and scanners to data analysis.

Waters has introduced a new secur ity manager that goes with its Mass-Informatics platform, MassLynx 4.0. The security manager encrypts files, and includes audit and secure archival technologies in order to enable researchers to perform secure quantitative bioanalysis in 21 CFR 11 compliant laboratories. The software allows an administrator to configure over 70 user access privileges, and includes an auto-lockout feature that shuts out users after a period of inactivity. The system manages results from Waters’ Micromass mass spectrometers and ZQ single quadrupole mass spectrometer.

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