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mpiBlast-pio, Marvin 5, JChem 5, Glycine max, ACD/Analytical Automation Suite, BioVenn

Version 1.5.0 of mpiBlast-pio (parallel input/output) is available from the mpiBlast development team here.
New features include a portable high-performance input/output that works on serial and parallel file systems; scalable database pre-distribution; and in-memory caching of database fragments. The software is distributed with an NCBI toolbox and has been “stress tested” on more than 12,000 cores, according to the development team.

ChemAxon has released Marvin 5 and JChem 5.
New features in Marvin 5 include a customizable graphical user interface, the ability to copy and paste live objects to Word, Excel, and other programs, new chemical features for drawing coordinative bonds and Markush features, and new calculator plug-ins for IUPAC name generation and Markush enumeration.
New features in JChem 5 include new table types for storing query substructures and Markush libraries, performance improvements, faster return of database search results, and support for much larger input sets.

The Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute has released a preliminary assembly and annotation of the soybean genome, Glycine max, here.
The current assembly, which represents 7.23x coverage, is a “preliminary release” based on a partial dataset, JGI said. The institute expects to replace this with an improved, chromosome-scale "Glyma1" version by the end of 2008.

ACD/Labs has launched ACD/Analytical Automation Suite, a modular software package for processing and interpreting spectral and chromatographic data with “minimal human involvement,” according to the company.
ACD/Analytical Automation Suite allows users to automate processing, data interpretation, reporting, and storage of spectral and chromatographic results from multiple analytical techniques and numerous vendors.

Radboud University Nijmegen’s Center for Molecular Life Sciences has released BioVenn, a web application for summarizing the overlap between two or three lists of identifiers using area- proportional Venn diagrams.

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Guidelines for Ancient DNA Work

More than two dozen researchers have developed new ethical guidelines for conducting ancient DNA research, which they present in Nature.

And Cleared

A UK regulator has cleared former UK Prime Minister David Cameron in concerns he should have registered as a consultant-lobbyist for his work with Illumina, according to the Financial Times.

Suit Over Allegations

The Boston Globe reports that David Sabatini, who was placed on leave from MIT after allegations of sexual harassment, is suing his accuser, the Whitehead Institute, and the institute's director.

Nature Papers on Esophageal Cancer, Origin of Modern Horses, Exome Sequencing of UK Biobank Participants

In Nature this week: genetic and environmental influences of esophageal cancer, domestic horse origin traced to Western Eurasian steppes, and more.