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MedScan TextMiner, InforSense 1.9: BioScience, Proteomics RIMS, Villager, Sockeye, EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database, HomoloGene, UCSC Proteome Browser


Ariadne Genomics has released MedScan TextMiner, an enterprise-wide system for scientific text processing. A web-based trial is available at According to the company, the software can process the 2004 release of Medline in about 60 hours, and extract more then 300,000 functional links.

InforSense has released InforSense 1.9: BioScience, a new application module for analyzing genomics and proteomics data within the company’s Knowledge Discovery Environment (KDE) 1.9.

Bruker BioSciences has released Proteomics RIMS, a software system that integrates data from mass spectrometry and x-ray crystallography technologies and provides access to proteomic interaction and structural data provided by SPR-MS and NMR. Proteomics RIMS combines Bruker BioSciences’ ProteinScape software for managing the workflow in expression proteomics with Bruker BioSpin’s SampleTrack LIMS.

Transgenic Software has released a new version of its Villager software for managing transgenic and knockout animal models. A web-based demonstration is available by appointment at

Version 1.2 of the Sockeye three-dimensional genome browser is available from the Michael Smith Genome Science Center at The new version contains new features for predicting PCR primers within C. elegans genomic sequence.

Release 78 of the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database is available from databases/embl/release/(UK), (US), and other mirror sites. Release 78 is about 20.5 GB compressed and 136 GB uncompressed and contains 32,631,252 sequences comprising 37,984,728,579 nucleotides.

NCBI has added HomoloGene, a system for automated detection of homologs among eukaryotic gene sets, to the Entrez retrieval system at

The University of California, Santa Cruz, has added a Proteome Browser to the UCSC family of genome browsing and analysis tools. The browser is accessible from the Genome Browser via the “Proteome Browser” link on the details page of any gene in the “known genes” track. The initial release is available only on Human Build 34.

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