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Max Planck To Consolidate Research Storage on Isilon's X-Series


Isilon said today that the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology will consolidate its project-related home directories, file shares, and scientific data archives into the company's X-Series storage system.

In addition, the company said that MPI researchers will use Isilon's Backup Accelerator Node to further secure their research data, which they will be able to access as needed without incurring performance hits on the front end.

MPI's evolutionary biology arm currently employs 60 scientists involved in research into general evolutionary processes such as ecological adaptations and the evolution of cooperation analyzed through ecological, molecular, and theoretical approaches.

Derk Wachsmuth, information technology manager at the MPI for evolutionary biology, said in a statement that consolidating the research data has "significantly improved workflow efficiency" because researchers don't have to deal with the data access and management challenges that occur when working with separate systems.