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MassHunter Workstation, Gene Ontology, AlzGene, Ensembl 43, Reactome 20, GeneMarker

Agilent Technologies has upgraded its MassHunter Workstation data-processing software. The software now supports the company’s 6210 time-of-flight mass spectrometer, in addition to the 6410 triple quadrupole liquid chromatography MS and 6510 quadrupole-TOF MS systems. The software also includes new algorithms for molecular feature extraction and empirical formula generation. Molecular feature lists can be imported into Agilent’s GeneSpring MS software package for comparisons between two or more sample groups.

The PAMGO consortium has released 472 new terms to describe gene products involved in microbial-host interactions. The new PAMGO terms are available under “multi-organism processes” in the Gene Ontology browser. PAMGO was formed to develop new GO terms that describe processes, functions, and cellular components related to microbe-host interactions. Further information about the effort is available here

Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Harvard School of Public Health have collaborated with the Alzheimer Research Forum to develop AlzGene, a database of genetic association studies on Alzheimer’s disease. The database currently includes nearly 1,000 different studies. The resource only includes studies published in peer-reviewed journals available in English. It also provides meta-analyses on all genetic markers with published genotype data available in three or more independent samples.

Ensembl 43 is available here. The release includes data for four new species: cat, tree shrew, hedgehog, and guinea pig; a new cow assembly and genebuild; updates for the human and mouse databases; and new variation data for human, rat, and mouse.

Reactome 20 is available here. New topics include fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling, epidermal growth factor receptor signaling, gap junction trafficking, porphyrin metabolism, and digestion of dietary carbohydrate and lipid.

SoftGeneticsGeneMarker fragment analysis software now includes a new application for loss of heterozygosity analysis. GeneMarker directly processes electrophoretic separation data, performs sizing calculations, normalizes the data, detects areas of LOH, and provides researchers and clinicians with a patient report, the company said.

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