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Locus Pharmaceuticals, Rosetta Biosoftware, Aureus Pharma, BioWisdom


Locus to Use Computational Drug-Design Platform in Collaboration with Amgen

Locus Pharmaceuticals said this week that it has signed a research agreement with Amgen, under which it will use computational methods to design small-molecule compounds with activity against a target identified by Amgen.

Financial and other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"Given our past molecular design experience across 10 classes of protein targets, we are confident that we will identify novel chemical classes of inhibitors for Amgen," said Jeffrey Wiseman, vice president of technology and informatics at Locus.

The company said that it has so far used its proprietary technology in six external collaborations.

Rosetta Biosoftware Uses Borland's ALM for Resolver Development

Borland Software said this week that Rosetta Biosoftware is using its Application Lifecycle Management product line as part of its ongoing development of the Rosetta Resolver analysis platform.

Borland said that Rosetta is using its CaliberRM, StarTeam, and Together lifecycle management products, as well as its consulting services, "to streamline and automate the processes of requirements management, software change and configuration management as well as visual modeling and architectural design."

Siena Biotech Licenses Aureus Pharma's ADME and hERG Databases

Aureus Pharma said last week that Siena Biotech has licensed its AurScope ADME/Drug-Drug Interaction and hERG databases.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The databases "complement our in-house knowledge-based drug design platform," Graeme Robertson, vice president of therapeutic research, said in a statement.

Pfizer to Use BioWisdom's Sofia KnowledgeScan

Pfizer has licensed BioWisdom's Sofia KnowledgeScan platform, BioWisdom said this week.

Sofia KnowledgeScan is a service based on the company's Sofia Intelligence Platform, and provides "contextually relevant information to support critical healthcare-related decision-making," BioWisdom said in a statement.

Financial terms of the agreement were not provided.

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LINE-1 Linked to Premature Aging Conditions

Researchers report in Science Translational Medicine that the accumulation of LINE-1 RNA contributes to premature aging conditions and that symptoms can be improved by targeting them.

Team Presents Cattle Genotype-Tissue Expression Atlas

Using RNA sequences representing thousands of cattle samples, researchers looked at relationships between cattle genotype and tissue expression in Nature Genetics.

Researchers Map Recombination in Khoe-San Population

With whole-genome sequences for dozens of individuals from the Nama population, researchers saw in Genome Biology fine-scale recombination patterns that clustered outside of other populations.

Myotonic Dystrophy Repeat Detected in Family Genome Sequencing Analysis

While sequencing individuals from a multi-generation family, researchers identified a myotonic dystrophy type 2-related short tandem repeat in the European Journal of Human Genetics.