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Lion Target Engine 1.1, SpotReader, Bioinformatics Benchmark System, Partek Pro 6.0, GenBank, HapMap, Microarray Enterprise Manager, Phenyx


Lion Bioscience has released Lion Target Engine 1.1. The company said that the product’s Gene Hub database has been extended to include the mouse and rat genomes. Other new features include synonyms, ontologies, and note-adding capabilities. The company has also launched LeadNavigator, cheminformatics software based on technology developed by Lion as part of its collaboration with Bayer. LeadNavigator includes a “chemically intelligent” spreadsheet that provides access to standard statistical methods as well as algorithms used for compound identification, prioritization, and optimization.

Niles Scientific has released SpotReader, a program that creates grids for spotted microarray images. A demonstration of the software is available at

Version 3 of the Bioinformatics Benchmark System is available from Scalable Informatics at New benchmarks have been added and updated for mpiBlast, Hmmer, NCBI Blast, and other applications.

Partek Pro 6.0 is now available from Partek. The new version of the company’s statistical analysis and data visualization system is available for Windows, Irix, Solaris, and Linux systems. Version 6.0 for Macintosh will be available later in 2004.

GenBank release 143.0 is available from NCBI at The release contains 41,808,045,653 base pairs and 37,343,937 entries. The uncompressed 143.0 flat files require about 142 gigabytes.

HapMap data release 10 is now available at The release contains 661,094 genotype sets from the 90 CEPH-panel samples, totaling 59,498,460 genotypes.

5AM Solutions has released Microarray Enterprise Manager, a web-based data management system for gene expression data developed with the Translational Genomics Research Institute and other partners.

Geneva Bioinformatics has released Phenyx, software for identifying proteins and peptides from mass spectrometry data. GeneBio has entered into an agreement with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics that permits the SIB’s Vital-IT computing facility to host the public version of the software. The Phenyx virtual desktop is available at


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