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Lion DiscoveryCenter, DecisionSite, Human-Mouse-Rat Synteny, UDB, Saccharomyces Genome Database, Rfam 3.0


Lion Bioscience has launched its Lion DiscoveryCenter integration platform, which combines features of Lion’s SRS database integration technology with NetGenics’ DiscoveryCenter technology for integrating chemistry data and applications. The company has been working on the combined product since its acquisition of NetGenics last January. Lion said that Bayer has agreed to use the platform for parts of a pharmacophore informatics project Lion is managing, and the company added that a Lion DiscoveryCenter installation at Schering in Berlin, initiated by NetGenics, is also underway.

Spotfire has released version 7.1.1 of its DecisionSite, DecisionSite Posters, and DecisionSite Developer products. Enhancements in the new release include extended capabilities to access data in relational databases, more flexibility in merging additional sets of data, and improved performance across the platform, according to Spotfire.

Human-Mouse-Rat Synteny is now available from Softberry at: Homologous chromosome regions, alignments, and genes for human-mouse, human-rat, and rat-mouse synteny alignments are available, including information about 4,000 syntenic chromosome regions between each genome pairs. These regions contain around 19,000 human genes mapped to the mouse genome, 17,000 human genes mapped to the rat genome, and 19,000 mouse genes mapped to the rat genome.

Version 2.6 of UDB (Unified Database) is available from the Weizmann Institute at: UDB presents an integrated map for each human chromosome, and contains all GeneCards genes unified to a comprehensive, non-redundant set with start and end positions on the NCBI genomic assembly. The UDB map also contains polymorphic markers and sequence tagged sites.

The Saccharomyces Genome Database now includes GO annotations for every named gene in S. cerevisiae. Further information is available at:

Rfam 3.0, a database of structure-annotated multiple sequence alignments, covariance models, and family annotation for 36 non-coding RNA families, is available at and

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