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Lasergene, HIV-1 Human Protein Interaction Database, Cancer Chromosomes, PyMOL, Dynamite


DNAStar has released Lasergene v. 5.53 for Macintosh OS X and Lasergene v. 5.08 for Windows and Macintosh classic. Current customers with a valid support contract can log in and download the upgrades at Software changes include an “important fix” related to the Blast search results window that previously resulted in an error message “due to recent changes at NCBI,” the company said. In addition, the new releases include updated transcription factor data supplied by the Institute for Transcriptional Informatics.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has released the HIV-1 Human Protein Interaction Database at The database includes known interactions of HIV-1 proteins with proteins from human hosts, offering a summary of these interactions with links to PubMed, sequence data, and genes.

NCBI has also released the Cancer Chromosomes database through the Entrez system ( The database contains cytogenetic, clinical, and reference information via the merger of the NCI Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations in Cancer, the NCI Recurrent Aberrations in Cancer Database, and the NCI/NCBI SKY/M-FISH & CGH Database.

Version 1.4 of nuccyl, a PyMOL module that displays nucleic acids and nucleic acid-protein complexes in ribbon and cylinder representations, is available from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine at nuccyl.html.

Dynamite, a web-based program that predicts protein motion using PDB files, is available from the University of Oxford at


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