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LifeFormulae is seeking beta testers for LARTS (LifeFormulae ASN.1 ReaderToolSet), software for mining data in NCBI's ASN.1 format. The software converts NCBI ASN.1 binary data to XML using the Java XMLFilter interface. Information on the beta-tester offer is available at

InstaSeq, a software tool that uses the Google code to search for records relating to biological sequences, is available from Georgetown University at The tool runs on a Java script above the Google search engine, and returns the associated links and documents.

Biomind has released two new web-based tools: ArrayGenius OnDemand, an online version of its ArrayGenius microarray data analysis product, and, which uses machine-learning algorithms to predict the appropriate Gene Ontology categories for hundreds of previously unclassified human genes. With ArrayGenious OnDemand, Researchers can upload microarray data to, and receive analysis results by e-mail. ArrayGenius OnDemand is currently free. After "an introductory period," the company said it will charge for certain aspects of the service. Biomind said that it will launch another online tool, called PathwayGenius OnDemand, later this year.

The European Bioinformatics Institute has released an updated version of the International Protein Index database at The database, compiled from Swiss-Prot, Trembl, RefSeq, and Ensembl, contains 49,923 entries for human, 42,802 for mouse, and 39,375 for rat.

EBI has also released UniProt 5.0, which includes Swiss-Prot 47.0 and Trembl 30.0. UniProt 5.0, available at, includes a total of 1,896,046 entries. Swiss-Prot 47.0 contains 181,571 sequence entries, comprising 65,742,349 amino acids abstracted from 128,438 references. Trembl 30.0 contains 1,714,475 sequence entries comprising 540,729,498 amino acids.

EBI has also released version 26 of Genome Reviews, a collection of curated versions of EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ database entries, at The release includes 379 entries, 224 complete genomes, 710,588,291 nucleotides, and 659,717 protein-coding sequences.

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