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IP Update: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Natera, Sequenom among Recent Bioinformatics Patent Winners


Title: Method of processing spectrometric data

US Patent Number: 8,831,888

Assignee: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Inventor: Hans Pfaff

Title: Methods for non-invasive prenatal ploidy calling

US Patent Number: 8,825,412

Assignee: Natera

Inventors: Matthew Rabinowitz, George Gemelos, Milena Banjevic, Allison Ryan, Zachary Demko, Matthew Hill, Bernhard Zimmermann, Johan Baner

Title: Methods, systems, algorithms and means for describing the possible conformations of actual and theoretical proteins and for evaluating actual and theoretical proteins with respect to folding, overall shape and structural motifs

US Patent Number: 8,818,737

Assignee: Sundia Meditech Company

Inventor: Jiaan Yang

Title: Methods for generating databases and databases for identifying polymorphic genetic markers

US Patent Number: 8,818,735

Assignee: Sequenom

Inventors: Andreas Braun, Hubert Koster, Dirk Johannes Van Den Boom, Ping Yip, Charles Rodi, Liyan He, Norman Chiu, Christian Jurinke

Title: Molecular network analysis support method and apparatus

US Patent Number: 8,818,732

Assignee: Fujitsu

Inventors: Shuhei Kinoshita, Kentaro Doi

Title: Transmission and compression of genetic data

US Patent Number: 8,812,243

Assignee: International Business Machines

Inventors: Carlos Cardonha, Robert Friedlander, Ricardo Herrmann, James Kraemer, Julio Nogima

Title: Field-based similarity search system and method

US Patent Number: 8,805,622

Assignee: International Business Machines

Inventors: Michael Pitman, Blake Fitch, Hans Horn, Wolfgang Huber, Julia Rice, William Swope

Title: Apparatus and method for comparing protein structure using 3D RDA and Fourier descriptor

US Patent Number: 8,805,621

Assignee: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

Inventors: Chan-Yong Park, Sung-Hee Park, Dae-Hee Kim, Soo-Jun Park, Seon-Hee Park

Title: Methods for optimizing and using medical diagnostic classifiers based on genetic algorithms

US Patent Number: 8,798,937

Assignee: Illumina

Inventors: David Schaffer, Mark Siimpson

Title: Methods and systems for data analysis using the Burrows Wheeler transform

US Patent Number: 8,798,936

Assignee: Illumina

Inventors: Markus Bauer, Anthony James Cox, Giovanna Rosone, Dirk Evers

Title: Sequence covariance networks, methods and uses [thereof]

US Patent Number: 8,793,074

Assignee: St. Louis University

Inventors: Rajeev Aurora, Maureen Donlin, John Tavis

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