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IP Update: SmartGene, IBM, SoftGenetics among Recent Bioinformatics Patent Winners


US Patent 8,275,557. Computer-implemented method and computer-based system for validating DNA sequencing data. Inventor: Stefan Emler. Assignee: SmartGene

Describes a computerized method of validating DNA fragments using reference sequences.

US Patent 8,275,555. Method and system for comparative genomics. Inventors: Gad Landau, Laxmi Priya Parida, Oren Weimann. Assignee: International Business Machines

Describes a method and system for comparing genomic data that involves “providing a PQ tree that represents gene clusters that are common to at least two genomes.”

US Patent 8,271,427. Computer database system for single molecule data management and analysis. Inventors: David Charles Schwartz, Christopher Churas, Galex Yen. Assignee: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Describes a database system for storing, processing, displaying, and analyzing single molecule data that can manage and process different formats and kinds of data and display it upon request.

US Patent 8,271,206. DNA sequence assembly methods of short reads. Inventors: Jonathan Changsheng, Yiqiong Wu, Kevin Jay LeVan. Assignee: SoftGenetics

Describes a computerized method for automatically assembling short DNA fragments into larger ones.

US Patent 8,271,203. Methods and systems for sequence-based design of multiple reaction monitoring transitions and experiments. Inventors: Christie Hunter, Alpesh Patel. Assignee: DH Technologies Development

Describes computer-implemented methods for designing selective- and multiple-reaction monitoring experiments for identifying proteins and peptides of interest.