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IP Update: Microsoft, MathWorks, among Recent Bioinformatics Patent Winners


US Patent 8,521,441. Method and computer product for reducing flurophore-specific bias. Inventors: Roland Stoughton, Hongyue Dai. Assignee: Microsoft

Describes a computer-based method for using data from repeated experiments to "generate a confidence value for each data point, increase sensitivity, and eliminate systematic experimental bias."

US Patent 8,521,438. Computer-implemented cellular modeling parallel pathways. Inventors: Patrick Edson, Ricardo Paxson. Assignee: The MathWorks

This patent is for a computerized method of generating cellular models.

US Patent 8,515,680. Analysis of transcriptomic data using similarity based modeling. Inventors: Robert Pipke, Jack Mott. Assignee: Venture Gain

This patent describes a model-based approach for analyzing genomic, proteomic, and transcriptomic data for use in diagnostics, prognostics and biomarker discovery.

US Patent 8,494,783. Method and apparatus for storing and processing molecular information. Inventor: Hikaru Samukawa. Assignee: International Business Machines

This patent describes a method and apparatus for storing and processing molecular structures.