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IP Update: Intelligent Biosystems, MIT, Metabolon, among Recent Bioinformatics Patent Winners


Title: Methods and compositions for base calling nucleic acids

US Patent Number: 8,612,161

Assignee: Intelligent Biosystems

Inventors: Steven Gordon, Philip Veatch

Title: Identifying biological response pathways

US Patent Number: 8,612,160

Assignee: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Inventors: Ernest Fraenkel, Shao-Shan Carol Huang, David Karger, Laura Riva, Esti Yeger-Lotem

Title: Methods for identifying drug targets based on genomic sequence data

US Patent Number: 8,606,553

Assignee: The Regents of the University of California

Inventor: Bernhard Palsson

Title: Computational method and system for identifying network patterns in complex biological systems data

US Patent Number: 8,594,942

Assignee: Metabolon

Inventors: Keith Allen, Marie Coffin

Title: System, method, and apparatus for causal implication analysis in biological networks

US Patent Number: 8,594,941

Assignee: Selventa

Inventors: Dundee Chandra, Suresh Segaran, David Knightley, Justin Sun, Dexter Pratt

Title: Methods of populating data structures for use in evolutionary simulations

US Patent Number: 8,589,085

Assignee: Codexis Mayflower Holdings

Inventors: Sergey Selifonov, Willem Stemmer

Title: Information processing system using nucleotide sequence-related information

US Patent Number: 8,571,810

Assignee: Hitachi

Inventors: Takamasa Kato, Takeo Morimoto

The Scan

Not as High as Hoped

The Associated Press says initial results from a trial of CureVac's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine suggests low effectiveness in preventing COVID-19.

Finding Freshwater DNA

A new research project plans to use eDNA sampling to analyze freshwater rivers across the world, the Guardian reports.

Rise in Payments

Kaiser Health News investigates the rise of payments made by medical device companies to surgeons that could be in violation of anti-kickback laws.

Nature Papers Present Ginkgo Biloba Genome Assembly, Collection of Polygenic Indexes, More

In Nature this week: a nearly complete Ginkgo biloba genome assembly, polygenic indexes for dozens of phenotypes, and more.