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IP Update: Intelligent Biosystems, MIT, Metabolon, among Recent Bioinformatics Patent Winners


Title: Methods and compositions for base calling nucleic acids

US Patent Number: 8,612,161

Assignee: Intelligent Biosystems

Inventors: Steven Gordon, Philip Veatch

Title: Identifying biological response pathways

US Patent Number: 8,612,160

Assignee: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Inventors: Ernest Fraenkel, Shao-Shan Carol Huang, David Karger, Laura Riva, Esti Yeger-Lotem

Title: Methods for identifying drug targets based on genomic sequence data

US Patent Number: 8,606,553

Assignee: The Regents of the University of California

Inventor: Bernhard Palsson

Title: Computational method and system for identifying network patterns in complex biological systems data

US Patent Number: 8,594,942

Assignee: Metabolon

Inventors: Keith Allen, Marie Coffin

Title: System, method, and apparatus for causal implication analysis in biological networks

US Patent Number: 8,594,941

Assignee: Selventa

Inventors: Dundee Chandra, Suresh Segaran, David Knightley, Justin Sun, Dexter Pratt

Title: Methods of populating data structures for use in evolutionary simulations

US Patent Number: 8,589,085

Assignee: Codexis Mayflower Holdings

Inventors: Sergey Selifonov, Willem Stemmer

Title: Information processing system using nucleotide sequence-related information

US Patent Number: 8,571,810

Assignee: Hitachi

Inventors: Takamasa Kato, Takeo Morimoto