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IP Update: Cepheid, Good Start Genetics among Recent Bioinformatics Patent Winners


US Patent 8,214,155. Methods for analysis of microRNA. Inventors: Bernard Michot, Olivier Delfour, David Vilanova, Jerome Ciuti, Florent Denoual. Assignee: Cepheid

Describes a method for identifying the biological functions and/or more reliable interaction targets of microRNAs using functional clustering and distance matrices.

US Patent 8,209,130. Sequence assembly. Inventors: Caleb Kennedy, Gregory J. Porreca. Assignee: Good Start Genetics

Describes a method for assembling and aligning sequence reads in order to identify mutations.

US Patent 8,200,440. System, method, and computer software product for genotype determination using probe array data. Inventors: Earl A. Hubbell, Simon Cawley. Assignee: Affymetrix

Describes a method of analyzing data from processed images of biological probe arrays in order to determine genotype information.

US Patent 8,200,439. Computer aided ligand-based and receptor-based drug design utilizing molecular shape and electrostatic complementarity. Inventors: Randy J. Zauhar, William J. Welsh. Assignee: N/S

Describes a method for computer-aided molecule design that uses shape similarity and electrostatic complementarity of molecules to compare compounds with each other and ligands with receptors.

US Patent 8,190,371. Methods and applications for target quantification. Inventors: Hatim T. Allawi, Victor Lyamichev, Rex Piper. Assignee: Third Wave Technologies

Describes methods and software applications for quantifying targets in experimental samples by collecting and processing signal data from the sample and two controls.

US Patent 8,189,884. Methods for assessing molecular expression of subcellular molecules. Inventors: Ali Can, Michael John Gerdes, Musodiq Olatayo Bello, Xiaodong Tao. Assignee: General Electric Company

Describes image processing and analysis methods for quantifying expression levels and distribution of proteins or other biological markers in biological samples.

The Scan

US Booster Eligibility Decision

The US CDC director recommends that people at high risk of developing COVID-19 due to their jobs also be eligible for COVID-19 boosters, in addition to those 65 years old and older or with underlying medical conditions.

Arizona Bill Before Judge

The Arizona Daily Star reports that a judge weighing whether a new Arizona law restricting abortion due to genetic conditions is a ban or a restriction.

Additional Genes

Wales is rolling out new genetic testing service for cancer patients, according to BBC News.

Science Papers Examine State of Human Genomic Research, Single-Cell Protein Quantification

In Science this week: a number of editorials and policy reports discuss advances in human genomic research, and more.