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IP Update: Ariosa Diagnostics, IBM, BGI among Recent Bioinformatics Patent Winners


Title: Enhanced risk probabilities using biomolecule estimations

US Patent Number: 8,756,020

Assignee: Ariosa Diagnostics

Inventors: Craig Struble, Eric Wang, Andrew Sparks, Arnold Oliphant

Title: Parallelization of surprisal data reduction and genome construction from genetic data for transmission, storage, and analysis

US Patent Number: 8,751,166

Assignee: International Business Machines (IBM)

Inventors: Robert Friedlander, James Kraemer

Title: Error correcting method of test sequence, corresponding system, and gene assembly equipment

US Patent Number: 8,751,165

Assignee: BGI Tech Solutions

Inventors: Jun Wang, Huanming Yang, Jian Wang

Title: Method and apparatus for drug modeling and displaying drug models

US Patent Number: 8,744,779

Assignee: University of Utah Research Foundation

Inventors: Noah Syroid, Dwayne Westenskow, James Agutter, Talmage Egan, Kenward Johnson

Title: Method for protein structure alignment using cellular automata

US Patent Number: 8,738,343

Assignee: IBM

Inventors: Deepak Gangadhar

Title: Method and system for comparative genomics

US Patent Number: 8,738,298

Assignee: IBM

Inventors: Gad Landau, Laxmi Priya Parida, Oren Weimann

Title: Indexing a reference sequence for oligomer sequence mapping

US Patent Number: 8,738,296

Assignee: Complete Genomics

Inventors: Aaron Halpern, Igor Nazarenko

Title: Sequence Assembly

US Patent Number: 8,738,300

Assignee: Good Start Genetics

Inventors: Gregory Porreca, Caleb Kennedy

Title: Gene finding using ordered sets of distinct marker strings

US Patent Number: 8,738,299

Assignee: IBM

Inventors: Jagir Hussan, Albee Jhoney

Title: Web-based genetics analysis

US Patent Number: 8,731,956

Assignee: Signature Genomic Laboratories

Inventors: Bassem Bejjani, Lisa Shaffer, Blake Ballif, Brice Tebbs, Kyle Sundin

Title: Oligomer sequences mapping

US Patent Number: 8,731,843

Assignee: Complete Genomics

Inventors: Aaron Halpern, Igor Nazarenko

Title: Method and system for robust classification strategy for cancer detection from mass spectrometry data

US Patent Number: 8,731,839

Assignee: IBM

Inventors: Gyan Vatsaraja Bhanot, Gabriele Alexe, Arnold Levine, Babu Venkataraghavan

Title: Gene expression profile algorithm and test for determining prognosis of prostate cancer

US Patent Number: 8,725,426

Assignee: Genomic Health

Inventors: Steve Shak, Mark Lee, William Novotny, Tara Maddala, Michael Crager, Diana Cherbavaz, Robert Pelham, Carl Millward, Dejan Knezevic.

Title: Methods for estimating genome-wide copy number variations

US Patent Number: 8,725,422

Assignee: Complete Genomics

Inventors: Aaron Halpern, Krishna Pant

Title: System and method for sequence distance measure for phylogenetic tree construction

US Patent Number: 8,725,419

Assignee: NUtech Ventures

Inventors: Khalid Sayood, Hasan Otu, Steven Hinrichs

Title: Data mining of SNP databases for the selection of intragenic SNPs

US Patent Number: 8,725,418

Assignee: Janssen Pharmaceutica

Inventors: Jan Aerts, Yves Wetzels, Nadine Cohen, Jeroen Aerssens

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