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IP Update: Jan 7, 2011


Recent Patents in Bioinformatics, November — December 2010

US Patent 7,865,534. System, method and apparatus for assembling and mining life science data. Inventors: Navin Chandra, Dexter Pratt, Eric Neumann, Keith Elliston, Justin Sun, Ted Slater. Assignee: Genstruct.

The patent abstract describes a method for the "recordation, organization, access, and application" of life science data by the establishment and continual development of a life science knowledgebase that "represents and stores biological information of many difference types, from many different sources."

US Patent 7,853,626. Computational systems for biomedical data. Inventors: Edward Jung, Royce Levien, Robert Lord, Lowell Wood, Jr. Assignee: The Invention Science Fund.

Describes a computer-implemented method that comprises several steps including accepting an input that identifies a treatment target for a particular agent; accessing a dataset that contains an agent for use in the context of the treatment target; and applying a filter to the dataset to identify a subset of the data that is associated with an adverse event, among other steps.

US Patent 7,848,890. Method and system for predicting gene pathway using gene expression pattern data and protein interaction data. Inventors: Ho Youl Jung, Mi Young Shin, Sun Hee Park. Assignee: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute.

This patent describes a system for predicting gene pathways "that serve the same biological purpose using gene expression pattern data and protein interaction data." The method uses a pathway-extraction algorithm to generate partial pathways from gene expression pattern data and matches them in a graph. A second step uses the algorithm to generate partial pathways from protein interaction data and expresses the results in a graph. A third step uses a graph-matching algorithm to combine both graphs.

US Patent 7,848,889. Automated analysis of multiplexed probe-target interaction patterns: pattern matching and allele identification. Inventors: Xiongwu Xia, Michael Seul. Assignee: BioArray Solutions.

This patent describes a software system called Automated Allele Assignment, which comprises methods and algorithms that support automated analysis and "interactive review and refinement" of the analysis, for allele assignments. The tool's functionalities include an interface to access a database that lets users visualize, import, export, and create summary reports; system configuration capabilities including user authorizations, training set analysis, and probe masking; pattern analysis including string matching and probe flipping; and a function to set and refine thresholds.

The Scan

J&J Booster Support

A US Food and Drug Administration advisory panel has voted to support a booster dose of Johnson & Johnson's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, according to the Los Angeles Times.

To Keep the Cases Moving

The president of the UK Royal College of Pathologists tells the Financial Times that more investment is needed to tackle a backlog of cases.

NAS Expels Archaeologist

Science reports Luis Jaime Castillo Butters' expulsion is the first of an international member from the US National Academy of Sciences.

PLOS Papers on Angelman Syndrome-Like Cases, Salmonella Paratyphi A, SARS-CoV-2 in Brazil

In PLOS this week: exome sequencing analysis of Angelman syndrome-like cases, genetic epidemiology of Salmonella Paratyphi A, and more.