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Ingenuity, GlaxoSmithKline, Perlegen Sciences, Definiens, Affiris

Ingenuity Extends License with GlaxoSmithKline
Ingenuity Systems said this week that it has extended and expanded an existing licensing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline that provides the drugmaker with access to its Ingenuity Pathways Analysis software.
The extended agreement enables GSK to provide enterprise-wide IPA access to researchers assessing signaling and metabolic pathways, molecular networks, and biological processes that are most significant to disease targets.
GSK also will use Ingenuity’s content and proprietary algorithms, the company said in a statement.
The agreement builds on a license that GSK first signed in 2003 for access to “part” of Ingenuity’s pathway database [BioInform 09-22-03]. 
Financial terms of the extended agreement were not disclosed.

Perlegen to Mine 4 Million Patient Records for Predictive Markers
Perlegen Sciences said this week that it is partnering with an undisclosed electronic medical records company to search through data from four million patients for genetic markers that could help predict patient response to certain medical treatments.
Perlegen said it has exclusive access to a database of US medical records, from which it will target patients who will be sought for DNA samples.
The EMR company will be paid subscription and program fees and milestone payments connected to the launch of any new diagnostic tests that result from the collaboration. Perlegen also said it will receive partial ownership in the EMR provider, the volume of which will be dependent on achieving certain revenue levels.
Perlegen, which is a spinout of Affymetrix, said it will work with the patients’ doctors to obtain the DNA samples in a way that is compliant with US privacy laws.
Perlegen “will never have access to specific patient identities, but instead will only receive de-identified patient records, which can then be re-identified only by participating healthcare institutions” in a manner that is consistent with US health insurance law, the company said.

Affiris To Uses Definiens Software in Alzheimer’s Vaccine Research
Vaccine developer Affiris said this week that it will use Definiens’ Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite to support its Alzheimer’s disease vaccination research.
The company said in a statement that it will use the software to help automate high-content image analysis in preclinical studies for its vaccines, which are developed to facilitate the induction of a favorable antibody immune response.

Financial terms of the agreement were not provided.

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