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GenoMax version 3.2 is now available from InforMax of Bethesda, Md. The new release contains Gene Expression Analysis II, which offers newly designed data import utilities and additional data visualization tools and supports diverse gene expression data formats.

Further new features in GenoMax 3.2 include a high-performance engine for GenBank data storage, accelerated initial data loading and indexing, improved administrative capabilities, and enhanced scripting.


Menlo Park, Calif.-based GeneticXchange has launched version 5 of its K1 System Data Integration Middleware Platform. The latest version integrates data across several functional domains, including genomics, proteomics, chemicogenomics, pharmacogenomics, and combinatorial chemistry.

Version 5 of the software uses an extended SQL syntax as the basis for a simplified query process across distributed data stored in heterogeneous formats and structures.


Structural Bioinformatics of San Diego, Calif., has released its StructureBank relational database suite for storing, manipulating and retrieving 3D protein structures for IBM’s DB2 Universal Database.


ArrayVision 6.0 Rev. 2.0, software for the analysis of gene expression and protein microarrays, is now available from Imaging Research of St. Catharines, Ont., Canada. The revision incorporates new features for spot segmentation, improved auto alignment and additional data export functions. It also provides seamless data export to Silicon Genetics’ GeneSpring and Spotfire’s DecisionSite packages.


The Protein Information Resource has made a beta release of the PIR-NREF (Non-Redundant Reference) protein database available at search/pirnref.shtml. PIR-NREF contains 800,917 non-redundant protein sequences from PIR-PSD, SwissProt, Trembl, RefSeq, GenPept, and the Protein Data Bank, and is updated biweekly.


Release 40.0 of SwissProt is now available via ftp at /databases/swiss-prot and ftp://ftp.ebi. or via the web at and

The new release contains 101,602 fully annotated sequences comprising 37,315,215 amino acids abstracted from 91,880 references.

Concurrent with the new SwissProt release, version 18.0 of the Trembl annotated protein sequence database is available as well. All sequence entries in Swiss-Prot 40.0 have been removed from Trembl 18.0.

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The Scan

Germline-Targeting HIV Vaccine Shows Promise in Phase I Trial

A National Institutes of Health-led team reports in Science that a broadly neutralizing antibody HIV vaccine induced bnAb precursors in 97 percent of those given the vaccine.

Study Uncovers Genetic Mutation in Childhood Glaucoma

A study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation ties a heterozygous missense variant in thrombospondin 1 to childhood glaucoma.

Gene Co-Expression Database for Humans, Model Organisms Gets Update

GeneFriends has been updated to include gene and transcript co-expression networks based on RNA-seq data from 46,475 human and 34,322 mouse samples, a new paper in Nucleic Acids Research says.

New Study Investigates Genomics of Fanconi Anemia Repair Pathway in Cancer

A Rockefeller University team reports in Nature that FA repair deficiency leads to structural variants that can contribute to genomic instability.