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IBM and Mayo Build Clinical Trials Database


IBM and the Mayo Clinic are working together to build a database that will hold a wide range of integrated data on clinical trial participants.

The first phase of the database is expected to be complete in the second quarter of the year, and will hold archival data, including epidemiological studies of selected disease categories, along with patient data, including demographics and diagnoses. Future work will add patient genomic and proteomic information.

IBM’s DB2 will form the heart of the system, which will run on an eServer pSeries running AIX and will also use IBM’s WebSphere and DiscoveryLink software. IBM said it has also developed “new data warehousing technologies” to address the patient confidentiality requirements of the database.


UB Bioinformatics COE Spans the Atlantic


The University at Buffalo’s Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics has established an alliance with Biopharma Ireland, a national institute established by Dublin City University and Athlone Institute of Technology to foster research and the creation of new biotech companies in both Ireland and New York State. The institute is the first international partner for the Center of Excellence. Likewise, UB was named one of Biopharma Ireland’s first US partners, along with Columbia University.


KS Biomedix Evaluates BioWisdom’s Text Mining Platform


BioWisdom of Cambridge, UK, has entered a project with Guildford, UK-based KS Biomedix Holdings based on BioWisdom’s DiscoveryInsight biomedical text search and retrieval system, which categorizes and indexes biomedical terms in text documents.

KSB will evaluate DiscoveryInsight’s ability to retrieve useful data on selected KSB targets in the oncology area.


DGT Uses TOGA in Salk/HHMI Study


Digital Gene Technologies, based in La Jolla, Calif., said it is collaborating with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in an investigation of retinoid receptor signaling.

The study partners will use DGT’s TOGA gene expression profiling technology to study retinoid receptor-deficient mice, with the goal of understanding the role of Vitamin A in the synaptic changes that occur in the brain during learning and memory. The project will also study cells from patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia to elucidate how retinoids lead to clinical remission of the disease.


Imaging Research and Pierce Biotechnology Partner on Proteomic Array Analysis


Imaging Research, a St. Catharines, Ont., Canada-based developer of image acquisition and analysis software, said it is collaborating with Pierce Biotechnology on the development, promotion, and distribution of software for the analysis of proteomic microarrays.

Under the terms of the agreement, Imaging Research’s ArrayVision microarray analysis software will be adapted for use with Pierce SearchLight Proteome Arrays. Pierce will also bundle ArrayVision with the SearchLight arrays.


Nonlinear Taps Tomy For Distribution in Japan


Last week, Nonlinear Dynamics said it had chosen Tokyo-based Tomy Digital Biology Company as the exclusive distributor for its Phoretix proteomics software applications in Japan.

Ken Tominaga, COO of Tomy Digital Biology, said the company is seeing “a strong and continuing shift in Japanese research funding toward expression genomics and proteome characterization,” and expects that Nonlinear’s products will be “key building blocks” for current and future Tomy Digital customers.


BioBridge in Academic Partnership to Develop Proteomics and Metabolomics Software


BioBridge Computing of Lund, Sweden, said it is collaborating with Peter James, the leader of the Swegene Proteomics Center at Lund University, to develop new proteomics and metabolomics software.

As part of the project, BioBridge received SEK 2.2 million ($212,000) from the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems to finance a postdoc within James’ group. BioBridge will produce commercial software alongside the research group, which is developing new mass spectrometry technologies.

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