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HUGR, Pongo pygmaeus draft assembly, Rosetta Resolver, Reactome 24, PrimerPlex, RefSeq 28

Yissum, the technology transfer arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has launched the Hebrew University Genetic Resource platform, a database for genetic association studies of common diseases that includes 15,000 DNA samples from Ashkenazi Jews and represents 16 different diseases.
Among the 16 diseases represented in the database are diabetes types I and II, several cancers, neurological diseases, psychiatric diseases, hypertension, and asthma, Yissum said. The database includes more than 500 samples for most diseases and a common panel of over 5,000 healthy controls. Each sample contains phenotypic information, including family history, disease characterization, drug treatments, efficacy, and adverse events. Scientists can order genotyping of any SNP of interest on any of the samples and solely own the results.

The Genome Bioinformatics Group at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has released the draft assembly of the Sumatran orangutan genome, Pongo pygmaeus, through the UCSC Genome Browser. The assembly is the July 2007 draft and was provided by the Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Bulk downloads of the sequence and annotation data are available via the Genome Browser FTP server or Downloads page.

Rosetta Biosoftware said this week that the current version of the Rosetta Resolver gene expression data analysis system, version 7.1, now supports Affymetrix Gene 1.0 ST (Sense Target) arrays for transcriptome analysis. The company said the Resolver system supports import and data analysis of these arrays as well as interaction with third-party programs, such as RMA, gcRMA, and Affymetrix PLIER.

Version 24 of the Reactome Knowledgebase is available here.
The release includes the beta version of a new pathway visualization tool, as well as a number of new pathway topics, including signaling by VEGF, metabolism of nitric oxide, and microRNA biogenesis.

Premier Biosoft International has released PrimerPlex, a tool for designing custom oligos for the Luminex xMAP platform, including the Luminex 100 and Luminex 200, and Bio-Plex Suspension Array system from Bio-Rad. PrimerPlex allows users to design custom capture probes for the bead-based detection system, the company said.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has released RefSeq Release 28.
This release includes genomic, transcript, and protein data available as of March 9, 2008, and includes 7,914,560 records, 5,195,116 proteins, and sequences from 5,059 different organisms.

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