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  Compugen of Tel Aviv, Israel has rolled out version 2.0 of, an Internet research engine for genomic, proteomic, and transcriptomic analysis.

LabOnWeb’s integrated platform provides single source access to proprietary and public data, including tens of thousands of predicted gene transcripts.

Version 2.0’s enhancements include improvements to the company’s InstantRace rapid elongation of expressed sequence tags, or partial mRNA sequences to full-length gene sequences, and access to Genome Therapeutics’ PathoGenome database.


  The Institute for Computational Genomics of Clemson, SC, has released a genomics discovery tool, the Visual Integrated Bioinformatics Environment, which was developed with TimeLogic of Incline Village, Nev. The tool acts as a visual data analysis and mining environment for TimeLogic’s DeCypher line of bioinformatics accelerators and accelerated server farms.

The software is a Java-based graphic interface that enables researchers to create sequence analysis pipelines, customize each analysis module within the pipeline, and perform data filtering before executing the pipeline, said Incogen., a Web-based provider of bioinformatics software solutions for the anlaysis of DNA sequence data, announced the launch of its AnalyGen, an integrated suite of bioinformatics Web tools. The tools can be accessed at

The AnalyGen suite provides life science researchers with tools for analysis of genomic DNA, identification of open reading frames, restriction enzyme analysis, optimization of gene expression in various organisms, and PCR primer design.

  Bioinformatics software provider BioDiscovery of Los Angeles, has released version 4.0 of ImaGene for analysis of DNA microarray and high-density membrane images. ImaGene 4.0 has been redesigned using Java to offer better performance and ease-of-use for pharmaceutical industry and academic researchers. The company makes data management, image analysis, and data mining tools.

  Electric Genetics, a startup genomics software company based in Cape Town, South Africa, has released StackPack product version 2.0, a management system for expression variation analysis and transcript reconstruction from fragmented sequence data.

The company said the product enables clustering, alignment, and analysis of expressed sequence tags and partial length sequences. The tool generally aims to assemble full-length or as-full-as-possible-length gene transcripts.

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