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GeneSpring GX 9.0, GenCLiP, Progeniq

Agilent Technologies has released GeneSpring GX 9.0. The new version of the visualization and analysis system for gene expression data is built on the Avadis platform developed by Strand Life Sciences and includes new “guided workflow” features for several commercial microarray platforms, the company said.
GeneSpring GX 9.0 includes guided workflows for Agilent SurePrint microarrays, Affymetrix GeneChips, and Illumina Beadchips, with additional applications planned. The workflows guide researchers through the analysis steps required for each platform, the company said.
The new version of GeneSpring can also be used to highlight enriched pathways or gene ontology categories. The software supports the BioPAX pathways/network exchange format and lets users import networks and pathways from sources such as KEGG, the Cancer Cell Map, and BioCyc.

The Cancer Institute at Southern Medical University has released GenCLiP (Genes Cluster with Literature Profiles), a software program for clustering gene lists by literature profiling and constructing gene co-occurrence networks related to custom keywords. According to the developers, the software can create a primary pathogenesis profile for a special disease and identify pathways involving abnormally expressed genes not previously associated with the disease. GenCLiP is available here.

Progeniq has launched BioBoost v4.0, a hardware-accelerated appliance for performing Blast, Smith-Waterman, HMMer, and ClustalW searches. BioBoost is based on field-programmable gate array technology. The new version offers up to 50-fold acceleration and consumes less energy than a CPU cluster, the company said.

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