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GeneMarker HID, ImaGene 7.0, AKS2, BioCyc, Pathway Tools, GOALIE, MultiSeq 2.0, FABA, ADMET Predictor 2.0, Ramachandran Plot Explorer 1.0

SoftGenetics said this week that it will launch GeneMarker HID, a software package for gene-based human identity, at the International Symposium on Human Identification to be held Oct. 9-12 in Nashville, Tenn. GeneMarker HID, developed in collaboration with researchers at Pennsylvania State University’s Forensic Science program, is compatible with outputs from Applied BiosystemsPrism Genetic Analyzer systems as well as STR chemistries such as ABI’s Identifier, SGM Plus, and PowerPlex 16 from Promega. SoftGenetics is offering free trials of the software through its website.

BioDiscovery has released ImaGene 7.0, which includes an analysis module for array-based comparative genomic hybridization. The new module can identify regions of chromosomal gain and loss in seconds with high confidence, the company said. The release also includes new interactive plots, including whole-genome, single-chromosome, genome-overview, and genome-summary plots.

Active Motif and BioAlma have released AKS2 (almaKnowledgeServer), which includes a newly designed interface to enable exploration of disease, gene, and compound topics found in the published literature, as well as drug, symptom, and biomedical relationships. AKS2 automatically analyzes published abstracts from Medline, classifies relevant terms into categories, and applies text-mining techniques based on contextual information.

SRI International has released version 10.5 of BioCyc and the Pathway Tools software at The Pathway Tools software is now able to automatically generate metabolic map posters and genome posters from any pathway/genome database. In addition, 3,257 E. coli gene products have been manually curated in EcoCyc, and 44 new pathways have been added to MetaCyc.

GOALIE (GO Algorithmic Logic for Information Extraction) a time-course enrichment tool, is available from New York University here. GOALIE allows users to perform enrichment over a time course and to see what categories are up- and down-regulated along the time axis.

The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation has released a free mitochondrial DNA database through its website. The database include samples from participants representing 3.3 million ancestors from more than 450 nationalities.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has released MultiSeq 2.0, a bioinformatics analysis environment for organizing, displaying, and analyzing sequence and structure data for proteins and nucleic acids. MultiSeq is available here.

Chang Bioscience has released FABA (Functional Analysis By Association) 2.1 here. FABA is an in silico two-hybrid computer program that finds genes whose expression profiles are correlated with the expression profile of the query gene in multiple experimental conditions.

Simulations Plus has released ADMET Predictor 2.0. The software takes molecular structures as input, and generates predictions for around 50 different ADMET properties. The new version is integrated with the company’s ADMET Modeler software, which generates new predictive models from experimental data, and is used to build all models in ADMET Predictor. 

Ramachandran Plot Explorer 1.0 is available here. The protein viewer is specially designed to visualize phi, psi, and chi angles.

BioMed Central is launching a new open-access journal, Algorithms for Molecular Biology, that encompasses “all aspects of algorithms and software tools for molecular biology and genomics.” Areas of interest include algorithms for RNA and protein structure analysis, gene prediction and genome analysis, comparative sequence analysis and alignment, phylogeny, gene expression, machine learning, and combinatorial algorithms. Further information on the journal, which is currently accepting papers, is available here.

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