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GeneGo, Omicsoft Combine MetaCore and Array Studio for Deeper NGS Data Analysis


GeneGo and Omicsoft said this week that they have integrated MetaCore, GeneGo's suite of data-mining tools, with Array Studio, Omicsoft's data analysis and visualization software package, to promote in-depth analysis of next-generation sequence data.

In addition, the partners also integrated Array Studio with MetaDrug, GeneGo's pharmacology platform that is used to predict the effects of small-molecule compounds on the human body.

In January, GeneGo announced that it would distribute Omicsoft's Array Studio and Array Server software, a decision the GeneGo said grew out of discussions for an integration agreement with the firm (BI 01/08/2010).

"Omicsoft is delighted to continue its partnership with GeneGo, as the -omics field enters a new era with next-generation sequencing technology" Jack Liu, Omicsoft's president, said in a statement. He also said that the partnership is "key" to successfully tapping into the "extra benefits" provided by NGS platforms for applications such as discovering biomarkers for cancer.

Designed to analyze NGS, microarray, SNP, and copy number variation data, Array Studio lets users detect exon junctions during sequence alignment, detect fusion genes, calculate expression values, and detect and annotate mutations for DNA-seq and RNA-seq data, among other features.

The software supports microarray, SNP/genotype, and copy number platforms from Affymetrix, Illumina, and Agilent, and includes proprietary sequence-alignment algorithms for Illumina's Genome Analyzer, Roche's 454 platform, and Life Technologies' SOLiD.