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Expressionist, EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database, Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, Pathway Tools, Pegasys, Genomorama, HelixTree v3.1, Lasergene v6.1


Genedata has released a new version of its Expressionist platform, which includes support for biomarker discovery, analysis of metabolic and signal transduction pathways, and in silico prediction of toxicity and compound mode-of-action. The software complies with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

Release 82 of the EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database is available from (UK) and mirror sites. The file size is about 43 GB (compressed), and 241 GB (uncompressed).

Ingenuity has released a new “Sharing and Workgroups” capability for its Ingenuity Pathways Analysis platform. The new functionality enables researchers to share analysis results and is available immediately to all customers. The company said that it plans to release a new pathway-editing function for the platform this summer that will allow users to customize networks and share them with colleagues.

SRI International has released version 9.0 of the BioCyc databases and Pathway Tools software at The BioCyc database collection includes 145 new databases, bringing the collection to 165 total databases. In addition, a new BioCyc Open Chemical Database, which collects chemical compound data from many BioCyc databases into one dataset, is available at A new horizontal genome browser is also available.

Version 0.5 of Pegasys, workflow management software for biological sequence analysis, is available from the University of British Columbia Bioinformatics Center at

Genomorama, a software program for interactively displaying multiple genomes, is available from Los Alamos National Laboratory at Genomorama runs natively on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Golden Helix has released HelixTree v3.1 for OS X. The software includes a recursive partitioning data analysis engine for locating genetic and environmental subpopulations. Capabilities include linkage-disequilibrium analysis, haplotype and diplotype estimation, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium analysis, regression-based haplotype association techniques, and SNP tagging.

DNAStar has released Lasergene v6.1. The release addresses “some usability and performance issues identified by customers after the release of Lasergene 6.0 in November 2004,” the company said.


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