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European Bioinformatics Institute -- Proteome Analysis Database, InterPro, CluSTr; Scanalytics -- DNA-Scan, Gene Profiler; Celera s Paracel -- GeneMatcher2.


The Swiss-Prot group at the European Bioinformatics Institute has compiled the Proteome Analysis Database to provide comparative analysis of predicted protein coding sequences of the complete genomes of bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes.

A program has been written to carry out InterPro proteome comparisons for any of the proteomes contained in the database. EBI’s CluSTr (Clusters of Swiss-Prot +Trembl) database is used to classify Swiss-Prot and Trembl proteins into groups of related proteins.

The database is available online (

Scanalytics is now bundling its DNA-Scan program for the automated base calling of DNA sequencing gels with its Gene Profiler software for genotyping and DNA fingerprint analysis.

DNA-Scan uses artificial intelligence algorithms for automatic base calling of an entire sequencing gel in minutes, according to the company. Gene Profiler is able to make comparisons between gels and stores the information in a built-in database.

Celera’s Paracel unit has introduced GeneMatcher2, a high-throughput supercomputer for sequence similarity analysis.

GeneMatcher2 contains over 27,000 programmable parallel processors. Paracel said it can execute Smith-Waterman and hidden Markov model algorithms thousands of times faster than the latest generation microprocessor.

GeneMatcher2 builds upon Paracel’s GeneMatcher1 and GeneMatcher-Plus accelerators.

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