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Eppendorf Array Technologies and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, Genedata and Kluyver Center, Biogen Idec and Linguamatics, MAT Biopharma and AlgoNomics, and Syngene


Eppendorf Array Technologies Licenses Ingenuity Pathways Analysis

Eppendorf Array Technologies SA, an affiliate of the Eppendorf Group, has licensed the Ingenuity Pathways Analysis software, Ingenuity said this week.

Under the terms of the agreement, Eppendorf will use IPA for internal development and "special projects for key accounts and service providers," the company said in a statement.

"Through this agreement, we will be able to utilize IPA, ensuring our data analysis and pathway modeling is a straightforward and robust process," said Jose Remacle, general manager of Eppendorf Array Technologies.

Genedata to Support Genomic Data Analysis for Kluyver Center

Genedata said this week that it is providing bioinformatics support for the Kluyver Center, a consortium in the Netherlands that applies genomics technology to improve industrial fermentation.

Genedata will support genomics data analysis and result sharing among the consortium's nine research partners.

The Kluyver Center is part of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative and focuses on metabolic engineering with the goal of developing sustainable and environmentally friendly bioproduction methods.

Genedata's Phylosopher and Expressionist software will be used to support research in areas such as fermentation in yeast, filamentous fungi, and lactic acid bacteria involving sequencing, genome-wide functional studies, and strain and process design.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Biogen Idec Extends License to Linguamatics Text-Mining Software

Text-mining software developer Linguamatics said this week that Biogen Idec has extended its license to the company's I2E text search and mining software.

Biogen Idec has been using I2E since early 2005 in areas such as biomarker discovery, protein-disease associations, and toxicology.

Financial terms of the agreement were not provided.

MAT Biopharma to use AlgoNomics Structural Bioinformatics Platform

AlgoNomics will use its structural bioinformatics platform in a research collaboration with MAT Biopharma related to the structural analysis of antibody leads, AlgoNomics said this week.

The collaboration is focused on increasing the potential immunogenicity of antibodies against hematological cancer and some solid cancers.

Undisclosed Pharma Licenses Syngene Image Analysis Software

Syngene said this week that a "leading US pharmaceutical company" has licensed its multi-functional imaging system to analyze around 150 2D protein gels per week.

Additional terms were not disclosed.

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