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Entelos Signs Metabolism PhysioLab Deal with Roche

Roche and Entelos have entered into a two-year collaboration in which Entelos will conduct biosimulation research using its Metabolism PhysioLab platform, the companies said this week.

Roche will provide R&D funding and milestone payments to Entelos.

Additional financial terms were not disclosed.

Roche will use the data from the collaboration to analyze "existing preclinical and clinical data in order to optimize future clinical trials," the companies said in a statement.

Bayer Licenses Genomatix' ChipInspector

Genomatix said this week that Bayer HealthCare has licensed its ChipInspector microarray analysis platform for its Affymetrix GeneChip and exon arrays.

ChipInspector uses a proprietary single-probe approach based on genomic annotation in the company's ElDorado annotation pipeline.

Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Undisclosed Biotech to Use Pharsight Knowledgebase Server

Pharsight said this week that "a leading human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry" has licensed the Pharsight Knowledgebase Server, a data repository for managing modeling and simulation data.

The new customer will also upgrade its existing licenses of WinNonlin, Pharsight's tool for non-compartmental analysis of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data, the company said.

Pharsight said that it has now signed 17 PKS agreements with pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

Kalexsyn Extends License for ACD/1D NMR Processor

Advanced Chemistry Development said this week that medicinal chemistry services firm Kalexsyn has extended its license for the ACD/1D NMR Processor software at its Michigan facility.

ACD/1D NMR Processor has now been deployed to all of the company's chemists so that they can access NMR data directly from their desktops.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

VBI Launches Synthetic Biology Research Group

The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute said this week that it is creating a research group that will focus on synthetic biology.

Jean Peccoud, a computational biologist from Pioneer Hi-Bred International, has joined VBI to lead the effort.

Peccoud said in a statement that the VBI synthetic biology group "will focus on the joint development of computer software and experimental methods that will allow for more quantitative models of artificial gene networks. This approach should help to make the design of new gene networks easier by making their behavior more predictable."

BioImagene Licenses CellMine to Undisclosed Japanese Pharma

BioImagene said this week that an undisclosed Japanese pharmaceutical firm has licensed its CellMine high-content screening informatics software.

CTC Laboratory Systems, BioImagene's distributor in Japan, negotiated the agreement.

Additional terms of the agreement were not provided.

Ludesi to Analyze 2D Gels for Mitsubishi Pharma

Ludesi, a bioinformatics firm based in Lund, Sweden, said this week that it has signed a contract with Mitsubishi Pharma to provide image analyze of 2D gels.

Ludesi offers 2D gel image analysis as a service through a web-based software platform.

Additional details were not provided.

GenoLogics Signs Integration Deals with BSI, GeneBio …

GenoLogics Life Sciences Software said this week that it has signed software-integration agreements with Geneva Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics Solutions.

In the agreement with GeneBio, GenoLogics will integrate its Proteus data-management platform with GeneBio's Phenyx mass spectrometry analysis software.

Separately, GeneoLogics said that it would integrate Proteus with BSI's PEAKS software for peptide sequencing and protein identification from tandem mass spectrometry data.

… While GeneBio signs Distribution Deal with Sage-N Research

Geneva Bioinformatics and Sage-N Research said this week that Sage-N will distribute GeneBio's Phenyx platform with its Sorcerer 2 Integrated Data Appliance and as a standalone product.

Sage-N will sell Phenyx worldwide as a pre-installed software option on Sorcerer IDA, an accelerated hardware system for proteomics data analysis.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sage-N has also become an authorized North America reseller of Phenyx as a standalone software package.

Chicago's BiTmaP Bioinformatics Program Graduates First Class

BiTmaP, a tuition-free bioinformatics training program in Chicago, said this week that it has graduated its first class.

BiTmaP is sponsored by a $3 million grant awarded to the Chicago Technology Park by the US Department of Labor and was designed to "bridge the gap between the surplus of unemployed or underemployed information technology professionals and the fast-growing life science community," according to a statement.

The program's first class has ten graduates. Half were unemployed and the others were underemployed when they enrolled in BiTmaP. Their IT backgrounds ranged from software engineer to systems network administrator. Six had Masters degrees.

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