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Ensembl 1.1.0 - TurboBlast,Transfac 5.2 - High-Throughput Computing (HTC), Pfam


Ensembl 1.1.0 is now available at

The new release is based on the April data freeze of the University of California Santa Cruz assembly and covers 90 percent of known genes.

The website now incorporates the Distributed Annotation System (DAS), which enables remote sites to display their annotations on the Ensembl display. Additional features include Exportview to export data from any feature or region, an improved display, and an e-mail-based help desk.


TurboGenomics, based in New Haven, Conn., has released its TurboBlast accelerated Blast software for the Mac OSX platform.

“TurboBLAST is the first of many parallel implementations of bioinformatics algorithms that will be developed by TurboGenomics for the Macintosh,” said TurboGenomics CEO Gregory Gardiner.


Biobase has released Transfac 5.2, the latest version of its transcription factor database. New features include added Patch 0.1 beta utility to search for transcription factor sites in DNA sequences, an improved search engine, a FAQ list, and additional entries.


Blackstone Technology Group has launched a new family of High-Throughput Computing (HTC) services for optimizing computing environments. The services include a high-throughput computing audit, a science and application service, administrative automation, system/hardware evaluation, a distributed resource management service, and an implementation service.

Blackstone said the HTC services are geared toward identifying the core requirements of biotech and pharmaceutical companies.


Release 6.5 of Pfam, a collection of protein domain family alignments, is now available at Software/Pfam. Pfam 6.5 contains 2,929 families.


Release 1.55 of the SCOP (structural classification of proteins) database is available at The associated release 1.55 of ASTRAL, a collection of databases and tools for analyzing protein structures and sequences that are derived from SCOP, is available at

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