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Drosophila Genome Size Larger than Estimated, Says Celera Genomics


ROCKVILLE, Md.--Scientists at Celera Genomics, who have completed sequencing the equivalent of more than 500 million base pairs of the Drosophila melanogaster, or fruit fly, genome, have said that the organism now appears to be larger than originally thought. The company began its effort to sequence the genome and deliver data to subscribers in May. The organism had been estimated to be about 120 million base pairs in size. Actually, it might be 25 percent larger, Celera said. Craig Venter, the company's president and chief scientific officer, said Celera's Drosophila database subscribers now have data that "identify substantially all of its genes." Celera anticipates making the sequence data available to the public in October and releasing the completed sequence by year's end.

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