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Downloads & Upgrades 2018/07/15


Release 10 of Ensembl Genomes is available here.

The new version includes software migration to version of 63 of the Ensembl software across all divisions, and a number of new genomes in protists and fungi, bringing the total number of genomes to 323.

Accelrys has launched Discovery Studio 3.1. The latest version of the company's life science modeling and simulation software includes a new algorithm for predicting protein-protein aggregation (see related story, this issue).

It also includes an updated Visualizer program version with improvements in the 3D-molecular plug-in, Discovery Studio ActiveX Control. The upgrade allows researchers to display dynamic molecular visualizations in webpages, Microsoft Office applications, and Microsoft SharePoint collaboration software.

Discovery Studio 3.1 also includes new x-ray crystallography functionality, enhanced pharmacophore and macromolecule protocols, and updates in the CHARMm, NAMD, and CCDC GOLD modules.

Kinexus Bioinformatics has launched the KiNET-Antibody Microarray database, an open access resource that includes more than 1.5 million measurements of the levels and phosphorylation status of over 400 protein kinases and their targets in more than 2,000 tissue and cell specimens.

The company said it generated all the data with its Kinex antibody microarrays using biological samples provided by more than 600 academic and industrial laboratories.

Kinexus said the new database complements its KiNET-Immunoblotting database, which includes more than 200,000 measurements of protein phosphorylation and expression determined with its Kinetworks Multi-immunoblotting technology.