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Downloads and Upgrades: WebFEATURE 4.0, Accelrys Insight, Ensembl Genomes 22, and more


WebFEATURE 4.0, an automated function annotator for 3D protein structures, is available here.

This version of the software offers improved structure (and hit) visualization, as well as detailed information from two machine learning approaches applied simultaneously: support vector machine and the naive Bayes. It also includes improvements in accuracy, prediction visualization, user interface, as well as richer model documentation.

Accelrys has released new versions of Accelrys Insight and Accelrys Insight for Excel

The new version of Accelrys Insight gives users access to complex hierarchical data and improved support for data analysis and visualization. These capabilities are provided through a set of Accelrys Pipeline Pilot components that protocol authors can use to simplify the processes used by end-user scientists to access, chart, and perform calculations on hierarchical data. The release also lets users create data-rich tooltips that automatically display chemical properties and structures in X-Y scatterplots.

The new version of Accelrys Insight for Excel lets users run database searches directly from the familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment. It lets medicinal chemists access corporate and public data sources directly from Excel spreadsheets and import refined search results back into the spreadsheets. Furthermore, it allows scientists running pharmacokinetics experiments calculate absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity chemistry properties for chemical structures loaded into an Excel spreadsheet, among other updates.

Life Technologies has released the Oncomine NGS RNA-Seq Gene Expression Browser. According to the company, the tool lets users assess the frequency of molecular events across thousands of samples from the Oncomine NGS collection including tumor datasets from the Cancer Genome Atlas.

Release 22 of Ensembl Genomes is available here.

In this release, new genomes have been added to Ensembl bacteria, Ensembl Metazoa, Ensemble plans and Ensembl protists — a total of 1,246 new genomes. Furthermore, new data has been added to Ensembl Fungi, Ensembl Metazoa, and Ensembl plants.

The initial annotation of the new human assembly, GRCh38, is now live on Ensembl Pre! site. Additional details are available on the Ensembl Pre! blog.

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