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Downloads and Upgrades: TranSmart 1.2, RNAcentral 1.0; CollabRx's GVA, and more


The TranSmart Foundation has launched version 1.2 of its open-source knowledge management platform for life science research.

TranSmart 1.2 includes support for both PostgreSQL and Oracle. Other new features include data from genome-wide association studies, integration with the R statistical platform, cross study analysis, and new search and browse tools among other updates. Users also have the ability to integrate different profiling data such as mRNA, microRNA, and metabolomic, with genetic data based on individual patients. Additional details are available here.

The RNAcentral consortium has released RNAcentral, a unified resource for all types of non-coding RNA data.

RNAcentral 1.0 offers access to data from ten different expert databases including European Nucleotide Archive, Rfam, and RefSeq; and it provides stable accession numbers that can be used consistently in the literature, as well as other molecular databases and search engines. The RNAcentral website features a faceted search, which lets users explore different RNA sequences according to source, species, and molecular function. Further expert databases are expected to be included in future releases.

CollabRx said this week that it has expanded its Genetic Variant Annotation service to include a copy number variation interpretation service for cancer data. With this expansion, the GVA Service can now accept and process both somatic mutation data and gene CNV data from the same tumor and return an integrated interpretive report.

This week, Tute Genomics launched MyGene, a portal through which healthcare organizations can easily select and share validated clinical genetics findings directly to patients.

RefSeq 67 is now available from the National Center for Biotechnology Information via ftp.

The release has over 61 million records describing 45,166,402 proteins, 8,163,775 RNAs, and sequences from 41,913 different NCBI TaxIDs.